Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals

The College of Engineering shares in Wichita State University's "commitment to providing comprehensive educational opportunities in an urban setting" and "commitment to the highest ideals of teaching, scholarship, and public service, as the University strives to be a comprehensive, metropolitan university of national stature." The College has developed and adopted the following Vision and Mission statement.


The College of Engineering at Wichita State University will be recognized nationally and internationally for its: experience-based undergraduate and graduate degree programs; collaborative efforts with industry; and research programs to support the economic development and global competitiveness of the Wichita metropolitan area, the state of Kansas, and the nation.


The College of Engineering at Wichita State University is committed to:

  • Prepare graduates who will engage effectively and responsibly in the practice of the engineering profession in a global economy and in pursuing advanced engineering education.
  • Conduct applied and basic research to support and contribute to the social and economic well-being of citizens and organizations in the Wichita metropolitan area, the state of Kansas and beyond.
  • Cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship and the connection between engineering and business that encourages technology commercialization.
  • Improve continuously the engineering pedagogical methods employed in delivering its academic programs.
  • Foster and value diversity of ideas and people through early student recruitment, outreach programs, and the recruitment and development of faculty role models. 
  • Encourage scholarship in all its dimensions. 
  • Evolve thoughtfully in response to the needs of industry and the changing world.


Strategic Goals

Our College has six strategic goals:

  • To have the best engineering academic programs in Kansas
  • To develop and support a faculty who are effective scholars and educators
  • To have nationally recognized research in targeted areas
  • To have the most diverse student population in the region
  • To significantly expand the sources of funding
  • To be a more comprehensive college in terms of the number of programs offered

Read the College of Engineering Strategic Goals and Objectives in a detailed PDF file.

Approved by the College and Advisory Board on December 8 and 15, 2006, respectively.  Approved by VPAAR on January, 2007.