Why Choose WSU Engineering?
The WSU Advantage. 

WSU Advantage from WSU College of Engineering on Vimeo.

An engineering education at Wichita State University will prepare you for an exciting career in engineering. Wichita is home to four major aircraft companies and other leading corporations that offer WSU engineering students many opportunities to obtain valuable practical experience while in school. This becomes a valuable asset when seeking employment after graduation. 

Wichita State University is located at the center of engineering activity in Kansas. Forty percent of all manufacturing jobs in Kansas are within a 50 mile radius from Wichita State. For students in the College of Engineering this means an average of 200 engineering cooperative education placements per year with an average internship salary of $15 per hour.

Our nationally accredited programs provide a solid engineering foundation and the practical hands-on experiences to help you succeed in the engineering field. WSU's College of Engineering is recognized and respected both nationally and internationally. Students come from all over the world to Wichita State to study engineering. 

Engineering students have the opportunity to enroll in Introduction to Engineering, a course especially created for our students to introduce them to engineering careers and various problem solving strategies used in engineering. This course also allows engineering students the opportunity to get to know each other and to get connected to campus resources. As an engineering student, you'll become one of the "Thinkers, Doers, Movers, and Shockers" at WSU.