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NOTE: This is the person the college will send all Open House communications to. The leader is responsible for distributing the information to the rest of the team.

Number of team members: Please indicate the number of people on your team (including the team leader).

Team Members: Please list every team member for this project. Please use both first and last names and seperate names with commas. This is the list that we will print in the Open House program so please double check spelling.



Project Name: This should be fairly short yet still reflect the scope and purpose of the project.

Project Abstract: The abstract should summarize the purpose of your research, your hypothesis or thesis, methodology, results or expected results, and conclusions. This will be shared with the judges prior to Open House and will be printed in the program. Please take the time to ensure proper grammer and punctuation are used. 

Project Requirements: 

Power: If your project requires an electrical outlet to present with, please let us know here. If you do require power you will need to bring extension cords and power strips as the college will not provide them for you. Please keep in mind, there are a limited number of outlets and lots of projects will need to share them. You may not be directly in front of an outlet so it may be necessary to use extension cords to reach the outlet.

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Wired Internet: If your project requires wired (not wireless) internet access, we will need to make special arrangements with you. Do you need access to wired interenet?
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 Noise: Is your project noisy? Any projects that use amplifiers, loud machinery, etc. at Open House should select yes.

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Does your project require that you be away from sound disturbances (a quiet area)?  Yes No

 Space & Dimensions: Does your project require extra space? Projects are spread out throughout the different engineering buidlings so space is often tight. If you require more than the standard 6-8' table please indicate that here with a description of what you require to successfully display your project.

Near Projects: If there are any projects that your team needs to be near, please let us know. Check with all of your teammates to determine if any of you have multiple projects that you worked on and will be presenting at Open House. We will generally group projects by department.

Polished Professor Award:

The Polished Professor Award recognizes professors for a job well done. Students of the College of Engineering can nominate any professor in the CoE. The winning professor will be given this recognition at the Open House banquet.


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  • Understand your team's obligations for Open House
  • Are authorized to submit this form on behalf of the specified team and team members.
  • Are prepared (or will be, according to the information you have submitted) for Open House on May 9th. 
  • Will have at least one group member in attendance at the Open House Awards Banquet to receive any awards your team may have won on May 10th.
  • Understand that if you do not have a team member present at the Open House Awards Banquet you forfeit all awards you may have won. 
  • Are submitting only accurate information.
  • Understand that the content of your submission will be scrutinized by judges, professors, industry professionals, and the general public. 

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