Project Guidelines


Deadline to Register: Registration is now closed for the 2013 Engineering Open House



Printed programs will be available in the Wallace Hall Lobby and Beggs Hall Lobby. These programs will have detailed maps of projects, locations, and information about the Awards Banquet.

Online Registration

  • All senior design projects must be sent through the EOH online project registration form by the above deadline to be included in Open House. No handwritten submissions will be accepted.
  • Everything in this form should be checked for accuracy. Any spelling errors or inaccuracies should be found before submitting this form.
  • Use proper capitalization (no ALL CAPS), punctuation, and spelling. Please have other students or members of your group proofread your submission before you submit it.
  • Categorization of all project entries is subject to the discretion of the 2013 Open House Planning Committee. Projects in the "Display" category are not eligible for awards.

Table Displays

  • Each group must have at least one member present at their display at all times during the hours of Open House: Friday, April 26th (9:00 AM to 6:30 PM). 
  • Each group must put up at least one poster (or a display of some kind) explaining the project. All members for a project must be listed on the display. The text must be large and readable. Professionalism is key.
  • Projects done for credit must list the class and the instructor of the class on the display board.
  • If funds are used in excess of $250 for the project, the source of the funds must be listed on the project display board. Other donations such as lab time, money, materials, etc. must be submitted on the online form.

Oral Presentation & Beck Excellence in Communication Award

  • Oral presentations should be limited to 3-5 minutes in length. They should also try to be targeted to the audience listening.
  • Projects that cater better to kids are more likely to get a positive response from the public.
  • Mr. Clark Beck, BSAE '54, awards a $500 Excellence in Communication prize for the project with the best combination of written abstract, visual displays and oral presentation. The Award is presented at the Engineering Awards Banquet. The judging criteria include:
    • Abstract - all abstracts are sent one month in advance for review, only finalists are judged in person at EOH
    • Visual Displays - looking for eye-catching, easy to read/understand displays that clearly explain the project
    • Oral Presentation - short, concise, yet descriptive explanation of the project, presented in a conversational tone and tailored to different audineces (from professors to 6th graders)


  • If you plan to use a lab to display your project, you must get the Lab Director’s permission prior to submitting this form! The Open House Planning Committee will be checking with the Lab Director to make sure permission is granted.
  • All projects will be placed in NIAR, Wallace Hall, Beggs Hall, or the Engineering Building. One table and two chairs will be provided by default, unless otherwise indicated in the online form and approved by the EOH committee. All other materials must be supplied by the individual project group.

Awards Ceremony

  • Students and teams that receive awards must be in attendance at the awards ceremony (banquet) to properly receive the award. 
  • If a group that won an award is not in attendance at the banquet they forfeit their awards.
  • One free banquet ticket will be provided by the department for each project team. Additional tickets need to be purchased separately in the CoE Dean's Office.
  • The awards ceremony and formal are being held on April 27, 2013 6:30 p.m. at Villa Luna.