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Please take this 2-minute survey to give us feedback on this year's Open House. If you judged at Open House, please take the Judges Survey.

Student Survey

1. Select your major: 

Aerospace  Computer Science  Manufacturing
 Bioengineering  Electrical  Mechancial
 Computer  Industrial  

2. Please check the box which indicates your best response to the following statements about your project. If you have no information or feel an item does not apply, please select N/A.

Project Questions Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
We were able to work together as a team.         
We all acted ethically throughout the duration of our project.
Our advisor provided us adequate help and attention.
We were able to learn key elements of the project on our own.
We were able to use high-quality and modern equipment.

3. For the department of your major, please check the box which indicates your best rating.

Laboratory and Classroom Questions Excellent Good Adequate Fair Poor N/A
Physical appearance of the laboratory facilities:              
Working condition of the labs and lab equipment:               
State of technology of the laboratory equipment:                 
Availability of computer resources in order to do your school work:               
Ability to get hands-on experience in your major:               
Use of real-world examples in classroom instruction:            
Physical appearance of classroom facilities:         
Comfort of classroom facilites:          
Quality of classroom instruction:            
Availability of faculty outside the classroom:            
Quality of faculty advising:         


Library Facilities Excellent Good Adequate Fair Poor N/A
Availability of books in your major field of study:            
Availability of journals and other periodicals in major field of study:          
Availability of study facilities:            


Offices Excellent Good Adequate Fair Poor N/A
Department Chair:                      
College Dean:                     
Dean's Office Staff:                      
Career Services:                      


Please let us know if you have any other comments, suggestions, or constructive criticism about Open House.


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