Renewable Energy Technology 

Whether it is wind energy, solar energy, or alternative fuels, "Kansas is committed to alternative energy, thanks to its Renewable Energy Standard requiring that 20 percent of the state’s energy come from renewable sources by 2020." According to the Kansas Department of Agriculture, "Ethanol production in Kansas is increasing. Kansas corn and grain sorghum are the primary grain sources for up to 504.5 million gallons of ethanol produced in Kansas each year." This aligns with the 25 x 25 initiative goal to have "25 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States ... provided from America's farms, forests and ranches,... while continuing to produce safe, abundant and affordable food, feed and fiber" by 2025.

The Renewable Energy Technology (RET) program was created to help meet the demand for highly qualified, well-educated technologists. The RET program encompasses a wide range of electrical, mechanical and computer topics necessary to prepare students to compete in the emerging field of renewable energies. Students will be prepared to perform economic analysis, evaluate environmental tradeoffs and complete installation and maintenance projects in the areas of sustainable power generation (e.g., wind energy), sustainable energy utilization in the built environment, and solar energy. Typical job responsibilities will include design, testing, research and development (R&D), service, maintenance and installation assignments.

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MINOR in Geology

Students can obtain a minor in geology by completing 15 hours of geology courses including GEOL 102 (with lab for 4 credit hours) or GEOL 111. It is suggested students minoring in geology consult with the geology department. RET students can take geology courses to fulfill the 15 hours of technical electives required for the Renewable Energy Technology major while fulfilling the courses needed for the geology minor. Take me to the Geology department.

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