IT Self-Service

Submit a service request via techhelp.wichita.edu.  Complete instructions on how to create a support ticket are found here.

Note:  Phone calls for tech support will not be acted upon unless it is an emergency. Verbal requests are too difficult to keep track of, and the “since you are here” technique is not an acceptable means of requesting support.  

Audio/Visual Equipment

All instructors should become familiar with classroom audio visual equipment. All items, except the computers, are maintained by the Media Services Center. They provide the keys for the control boxes and require a training session prior to issuing the key. You will need to schedule a time for this before the start of classes. Please call Glen at 978-7764 to arrange the training. Your lack of preparation does not constitute a support emergency.

If A/V equipment fails during class, feel free to contact Ken or Carole in WH 320, understanding that they may not be always be available.  If this is the case, they will contact  MRC at 978-3588 or you may do so yourself to expedite the process.

Conference Room Technology

If you (or one of your students) reserves a conference room (WH113A or ERB 109) and media (projector, laptop) is needed please contact Engineering Technology Support via techhelp.wichita.edu at least one day prior if you need assistance in setting up.