Transfer Student Scholarships

Engineering Scholarships

How the application process works:

  • Engineering scholarships are separate from university scholarships. Visit the Office of Financial Aid site for information on university scholarships.
  • Both merit-based and need-based scholarships are available through the College of Engineering. Need-based scholarships have special requirements:
  • Need is determined through the FAFSA, so to be eligible for a need-based scholarship a FAFSA needs to be on file at WSU.
  • Some need-based scholarship applications will require a one-page essay for the student to explain their financial need situation.
  • Fill out the engineering scholarship application by February 1, 2016.
  • Questions on the application will be used to match the applicant with the guidelines of the available scholarships. Be as accurate and as thorough as possible when answering the questions.
  • You will receive immediate confirmation after you click Submit.
  • If awarded, you will be notified with further instructions.

For additional information regarding scholarships, visit www.wichita.edu/scholarships.