Engineering Student Success Center Staff

JPEG ImageNorman Bent
ESSC Executive Director
(316) 978-3420

Family: Three loving boys
Degree: Master of Arts, Education with emphasis on International Education.
Position – ESSC Executive Director:
As the Executive Director I oversee the recruitment, outreach, retention and graduation initiatives coordinated by the great ESSC staff in the College of Engineering.

Favorite thing about Wichita State University: Commitment to success and long lasting positive and life changing experiences for all students. These can be achieve through college involvement, cooperative education, exposure to students from all walks of life.

Best advice to a high school senior: Don’t underestimate your possibilities! Always, seek to be and do your very best. Don’t let others tell you that you cannot be the next engineer, or scientist, or the next creator of amazing things! If you think you are studying hard, STUDY even HARDER! Always ask yourself, WHY NOT ME! And place in your mind that IT IS MY TIME NOW!

Best advice to a Wichita State junior: Hey, you are one step closer to becoming a senior! Enjoy your cooperative learning and remember your service learning-PASS IT ON! Continue to enjoy your WSU learning experience.


JPEGImageKaren Reynolds
K-12 Special Projects
(316) 978-6475

Family:  Loving husband, two great sons, one wonderful dog

Degree: Master of Arts in Liberal Studies with emphasis in mathematics and education

Position - K-12 Special Projects:

My job is to help ensure that we fill the engineering pipeline to meet the growing need for engineers. We will do that by exposing young students to the world of engineering and providing experiences that help students choose the path that is right for them. When students choose engineering at WSU, we will provide them the support and tools they need to succeed in higher education and their future careers.

Favorite thing about College of Engineering: Our team. Everyone here wants the same things – to help students succeed and to be the very best College of Engineering in the region. And being here right now, when the need for qualified engineers and other STEM graduates is so high, we have the chance to be part of something really special and make a difference.

Best place to study on campus:  In good weather, there’s nothing better than a bench outside on WSU’s beautiful campus

Best thing about being a Shocker: Being a Shocker is a source of pride for me. It’s like being part of a big family and you get this kind of warm, comfortable, relaxed feeling because you’re with people you care about and with whom you share so many things. And, of course, I love WuShock!

Best advice to a high school Senior: Hang in there! The only thing better than being a senior is being a graduate.

Best advice to a Wichita State Junior: You’re almost there. You’re over the hump and you have laid the groundwork. It just gets better from here on.

JPEG ImageAlicia A. Martinez Newell
Director of Records and Registration
(316) 978-3420

Degree: Master of Science in College Student Personnel with emphasis in administration in higher education

Position – Director of Records and Registration:
I have the privilege of working with all engineering students from the start of their academic career through graduation! I direct the daily operations of the records and registration process for the College of Engineering. This includes new student orientation, academic advising and registration, transfer evaluations, exceptions, degree audits and verification and commencement. In addition, reviewing policies and procedures regarding academic advising at the undergraduate level and supervise the registration professionals and support staff within the ESSC.

Favorite thing about Wichita State University: Student Involvement! Wichita State has over 200 organizations for students to get involved with. No matter what your interest is, there’s something for everyone… and if not, we’ll help you create it! Having a vibrant student life on campus creates an amazing environment full of Shocker pride.

Best place to study on campus: WSU is committed to the academic success of each and every student on campus. There are numerous academic resources and tutoring centers across campus ready to assist students at any given time. By studying in any of the tutoring centers across campus (GEEKS, Writing Center, Math Lab) the moment a student stumbles on a problem, someone is there to assist them right away so they don’t have to struggle alone.

Best thing about being a Shocker: Family! The support students gain while on campus is unparalleled. Having the support of your peers, instructors and administrators all working together for one common goal--- STUDENT SUCCESS. Knowing that you are not alone on this journey and have support across campus to help develop the whole you---  is what I love most about being a Shocker!

JPEGImageAna Lazarin
Director of Programs to Broaden Participation in Engineering
(316) 978-6314

Family: Husband - Diego Lazarin

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Masters Degree in Counseling

Position - Director of Programs to Broaden Participation in Engineering:
I coordinate outreach events, recruiting and retention of underrepresented students in engineering.

Hobbies: DANCING, traveling, shopping, spending time with family and friends, dining out, watching TV, going to museums, theatres, sightseeing, etc.

Describe yourself in one word: Persevering

Favorite thing about Wichita State: Home basketball games

Favorite thing about College of Engineering: The students, sense of cohesiveness among the students and pride in their engineering studies.

Best advice to a high school Senior: Apply for scholarships and financial aid EARLY!

"I am passionate about motivating students to pursue higher education, especially in the STEM fields as I was the first person in my family to graduate from high school and college and to obtain a degree in engineering."

JPEG ImageAndrea Holzwarth
Director of Engineering Outreach & Recruitment
(316) 978-5914

Degree: Bachelors of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication
               Masters of Business Administration

Position - Director of Engineering Outreach & Recruitment:
I implement recruitment strategies for the CoE. I recruit high school students as well as community college transfer students interested in math, science and engineering. I also design marketing materials to promote the CoE.

Favorite thing about Wichita State: My favorite thing about Wichita State is our experience-based and work based learning experiences that you can receive as an undergraduate student through the cooperative education office. When I was a student, I was able to intern at two different organizations where found my passion for recruiting students to higher education.

Favorite thing about College of Engineering: The Engineer of 2020 program. I love that the CoE is stepping up and graduating engineers who are work force ready.

Best thing about being a shocker: The best thing about being a shocker is the connections you receive, as a student you are connected to numerous alumni in your area of study who want nothing more than to help you succeed. The faculty and staff at Wichita State are second to none, they want the best for you and are willing to help you achieve your dreams.

JPEG ImagePolly Basore
Strategic Communications and K-12 Outreach Officer
(316) 978-6512

Family: My son Henry is a senior at North High School in Wichita.

Degree: B.S, Journalism, Oklahoma State University; M.S, Journalism, Columbia University

Position - Strategic Communcations & K-12 Outreach Officer:                 I work with a team of WSU engineering students to inspire children’s interest and aptitude in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) through fun and educational programming held on campus, at schools and within the community. I also coordinate strategic communications for the CoE,

Favorite thing about Wichita State: Wushock – best mascot ever!

Best thing about being a Shocker: “Having my city right behind me”

Best place to relax on campus:  Walking through the trees and flowers that are everywhere!


JPEG ImageAlicia Fullilove
Senior Administrative Assistant
(316) 978-3420

Degree: Bachelor’s in Anthropology and Latin American Caribbean Studies

Position – Senior Administrative Assistant:
I support the ESSC and the College of Engineering with records and registration.

Favorite thing about the College of Engineering: The dedication to student success!

Best place to relax on campus: The RSC basement (near shocker bowling lanes)

Best advice to a Wichita State Junior: Take advantage of all the wonderful resources that Wichita State provides.