Art Education

The degree for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art: emphasis Art Education, leads to the art teaching license in Kansas for preK-12th grade.  The goal is to develop highly competent, collaborative and reflective professional art teachers.  For success in the art classroom, they need to be able to communicate with students and motivate them, to have developed leadership and organizational skills, demonstrate how to connect concepts in art history with unit and lesson planning and be skilled in studio performance areas. The pre-art teacher candidate  prepares by specializing in their choice of one of the art areas offered as a major; graphic design, ceramics, drawing & painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture or art history.  WSU’s art education majors have intensive planning and teaching experiences at all three levels, elementary, middle and high schools in nearby public and private schools.  Successful scores on the ACT, if taken within the last ten years, or one of three national tests comprised of reading and math (algebra) skills, must be submitted before enrolling in the first semester of the professional education sequence, during, or after, the sophomore year.  The art curriculum is in alignment with state-wide educational goals, posted as “Visual Arts,” under Academic Standards on the Kansas State Department of Education’s website, www.ksde.org

Graduates of this degree program enjoy employment that has been nearly 100% for the past several decades.

2014-2015 BFA in Art Education Degree Check Sheet