ransfer portfolios must be submitted by January 23, 2012 to be applied ahead of Spring advising. In addition, transfer portfolios submitted by 1/23/2012 will automatically be considered for scholarships (those after that date will have to apply for scholarships separately next year ).Applying to ADCI


1. Apply to Wichita State University
Your first step to joining the School of ADCI is being admitted to WSU. For more information visit University Admissions online or call their office at 316-978-3085. If you're ready now, apply here.

2. Apply for Financial Aid
Once you have been admitted you can apply for Financial Aid.  To apply, you will need to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid at the FAFSA website. For assistance with your FAFSA, visit the Wichita State University Office of Financial Aid website or call their office at 316-978-3430.

3. Apply for Housing
WSU requires incoming freshmen to live in Fairmount Towers or Brennan Hall their first two semesters. Exceptions are made for freshmen who are 21 or older; married; living with a parent, legal guardian, grandparent, aunt or uncle in Sedgwick County; taking fewer than nine credit hours; or living in official Greek housing. All freshmen who do not plan to live on campus-including those who fall into one of the above categoriesare required to complete and submit a Freshman Exemption Form  which is found on the Housing and Residence Life website . You must submit your housing contract and pre-payment or have an approved exemption form on file before scheduling a Shocker Connection appointment with Brenda Khan in the School of ADCI.

4. Enroll for Classes
All students are required to meet with an academic advisor in order to register for classes. If you are interested in majoring in ADCI, you can call 316-978-7701 to schedule an appointment.  Enrollment for Summer and Fall 2015 classes begins in April. Please make sure you have a scheduled appointment, registering is on a walk-in basis. The Art & Design office is located on the third floor abive the Ulrich Art Museum , which is located in section B6 (near 17th and Hillside) on the WSU Campus Map . Each Shocker Connection appointment usually lasts 45-60 minutes. There will be a lot of information, including what your first four semesters will look like, transfer guidelines for those students who have transfer work from other colleges and how toenroll for classes online using your myWSU account .

5. Complete Orientation
All new students with fewer than 24 credit hours are required to attend Orientation prior to beginning their first semester at Wichita State University. The mission of Orientation is to excite new students about being a part of the Shocker community and aid in their academic and social transition to Wichita State. Orientation will provide information to help prepare you for life on campus and teach you about the services and resources available to you as a WSU student. You will also obtain your Shocker ID card and attend sessions of interest to you. Visit the Orientation website for options and dates. Some programs are designed specifically for transfer and returning adult students.

6. Pay for Classes
You can view and pay your bill any time after enrolling by logging in to your myWSU account and clicking on the Student Records tab and then Student Account Suite. All semester fees, including laboratory fees, are due and payable in full at registration. If you have questions, visit the Tuition and Fees web site or call their office at 316-978-3333.

7. Buy Textbooks
Check out the University Bookstore (located on the first floor of the Rhatigan Student Center) to find the reading materials for your classes. There are a lot of very helpful people there to assist you. Here's a time-saving tip--order your books on the University Bookstore website ! They will pull them together for you so all you have to do is go to the front desk, pick them up and pay for them.


Students with Transfer Credit

Students seeking to transfer art & design credits from another institution to the WSU School of ADCI must first be accepted by the University. Upon acceptance to Wichita State, students must:

1) Arrange a meeting with Alicia Fullilove, ADCI Academic Advisor and Student Services Specialist. Meetings can be schedule by contacting the ADCI Main Office at 316-978-3555 or adci@wichita.edu. Alicia Fullilove can be directly contacts at 316-978-7701 or alicia.fullilove@wichita.edu.

2) Submit a portfolio of artwork from the courses to be transferred at WSU Art & Design's online portal,  wsufinearts.slideroom.com. wsufinearts.slideroom.com.wsufinearts.slideroom.com. Transfer portfolios assist us in matching the art courses you have already taken with our own so that we can more efficiently ensure a smooth transition to the School of Art & Design. This online application portal will compile applicants' portfolios, saving partial submissions to allow for return to the portfolio as often as necessary until the application is completed.

It is vital that transfer credits be processed as quickly as possible upon admission to WSU. To ensure this, all transfer credits/portfolios must be submitted via the slideroom portal by the end of the first semester in residence at Wichita State or they will not be reviewed at all. This means that the courses in question cannot be guaranteed to be properly credited toward an ADCI degree.

Questions can be directed to Alicia Fullilove, ADCI Academic Advisor and Student Services Specialist, at 316-978-7701 or alicia.fullilove@wichita.edu.