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School of Art, Design and Creative Industries Scholarships    

The WSU School of Art, Design and Creative Industries annually awards over $85,000 in scholarships to incoming and continuing students. Anyone can apply for an Art scholarship regardless of their major or enrollment status; you do not have to be a current WSU art major or student to apply. Receiving an award is contingent upon acceptance to Wichita State and declaration of an Art, Design and Creative Industries major.

Non-WSU (current high school) students may apply for scholarship through February 1, 2016 (Please note this deadline is a priority deadline and has been extended). High school students must apply for scholarships at http://wsufinearts.slideroom.com. The application portal will compile applicants' submissions and allow return access as often as necessary until the application is completed.

The online application portal will prompt applicants for all information including uploading a portfolio of 8-12 images. A scholarship application portfolio may include drawings, school-related assignments, and/or independent work in any medium on any topic; 3D work, multiple pages of a series, sketchbook content, computer-based work of any kind, movies or animations. Please note that artworks sent or delivered to Wichita State will not be reviewed or returned; all new student scholarship applications are online only.

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact Levente Sulyok (levente.sulyok@wichita.edu).