Studio Art

WSU Studio Art offers three degrees that open to virtually unlimited pathways, including the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degrees and the Master of Fine Arts graduate degree.

The BFA in Studio Art is generally considered to be a "professional" degree, which means it has a substantial number of upper-division courses in one focused media area (Ceramics, Painting, Printmaking, or Sculpture) while also providing interdisciplinary opportunities. All BFA students create a senior project that is exhibited in BFA Senior Exhibition at the School of Art & Design's off-campus student gallery, WSU Shift Space. Additionally, a requirement of the BFA is Art S 495, Professional Practices in Studio Art, a course that helps students understand how to translate their educations into viable careers in the arts.

The Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art is more broadly-focused, allowing for pathways in Drawing, Photography, and Illustration, among other choices. The BA requires 9 upper-division credit hours in the single emphasis area but also  allows maximum flexibility to combine with other areas either in Art and Design or in other areas outside of Art & Design. This open structure enables students to combine, for example, Drawing with Communications to pursue illustration; Sculpture with Communications to pursue interactive media; combining studio areas to pursue electronic arts or installation; and an unlimited number of other degree plans. All students in Studio Art are advised by faculty advisers that guide them through the myriad possible options toward a stimuating and highly-informed educational grounding.





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Degree Options and Requirements
Students majoring in Studio Art pursue careers in design and media, interactive and electronic media, illustration, teaching at secondary and college levels, teaching careers,teaching careers,teaching careers,gallery work and installation, arts administration, curatorial practices, and self-employment. Many go on to graduate school - WSU Studio Art undergraduates are routinely accepted to top MFA programs across the U.S. - while some students apply the experiences they have gained to forging a career in the arts. Significant faculty guidance is a hallmark. As a hands-on program in every way, WSU Art and Design can help students understand how to define and find what they want out of their talents and how to make it happen after school.

Degree checksheets (PDF files):

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art: Studio Art Emphasis  (offers a variety of emphases including Ceramics, Painting, Printmaking, and Sculpture)

Bachelor of Arts in Art: Studio Art Emphasis  (offers a variety of emphases including Drawing, Illustration and Photography)

Master of Fine Arts in Art: Studio Art Emphasis