Student Comments

"This summer has provided the most supportive, exciting, and truly engaging program I have ever been a part of.  You all do so much for us and I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of all of it.  Thank you!!"

"The ability to work with various teachers had an immense impact on my development because I was able to fuse the instruction and techniques to produce an overall free and pure sound. Having daily lessons helped me maintain the instruction given."

"The master classes were intense because it forced the performer to be aware of the history of the piece, space, tone, action, and the numerous degrees in which text could be applied within one phrase and mindset."

"I loved the vocal coaching because my instructor(s) catered to my individual areas of concern. Whether it was breath, phrasing, vowels, or articulation we worked studiously to not only correct the issues but also build a strong foundation of technique to ensure the issues won’t reoccur."


"From the people, friends, networking - it has given me an opportunity unlike any other -- it was an amazing program."

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