Advising Release Information

The College of Fine Arts is dedicated to quality academic advising for all students. We are continually striving to meet student needs and to help students reach their goals and aspirations. Please, contact the Academic Records Coordinator listed below for your school or the Dean's Office if you have advising related questions.

The College of Fine Arts has implemented a “Dean’s signature” registration permission requirement for all Fine Arts students beginning Spring 2011. This is a change for the School of Music and the School of Performing Arts.

The message you will see follows:

    You cannot register at this time due to one of the following reasons:

       1) either you need electronic permission from your college or department prior to enrolling (or)

       2)  you are outside your scheduled time to enroll based on your classification.

Students, please plan to see your advisor before on-line registration begins:

              November 15 (Seniors and Graduate Students)

              November 16 (Juniors)

              November 17 (Sophomores)

              November 18 (Freshman)

After meeting with your advisor, you will need to bring a copy of your signed registration worksheet to the Academic Records Coordinator in your School for permission to register. Please contact:

School of Art, Design, and Creative Industries
Contact: Salyi Vu (salyi.vu@wichita.edu)
Room 302, McKnight Art Center
P: (316) 978-7701
F: (316) 978-5418

School of Music
Contact: Jan Ives (janet.ives@wichita.edu)
Room C120A, Duerksen Fine Arts Center
P: (316) 978-6430
F: (316) 978-3625

School of Performing Arts
Contact: Renea Goforth (renea.goforth@wichita.edu)
Room 109A, Wilner Auditorium
P: (316) 978-6634
F: (316) 978-3202

Coordinator of Student Services

Contact: Leann Karr (leann.karr@wichita.edu)
Room 112 Jardine Hall
P: (316) 978-7091
F: (316) 978-3951

College of Fine Arts Advising Syllabus

Exception Guidelines and Due Dates

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