College of Fine Arts Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

The College of Fine Arts at Wichita State University enhances and advocates artistic excellence through teaching, learning and expression.

Our Vision:

The strategic vision of the College of Fine Arts is to foster educational excellence in and through the arts. This vision is carried out by the faculty and staff of the College through artistry and engagement. This vision builds on the core values of the University that contribute to the educational experience and embrace teaching, scholarly/creative work, and service by (1) involving and strengthening students, faculty, staff, and alumni and community; (2) enhancing the community in and through the arts; (3) providing for the advancement of knowledge; and (4) advocating for the arts and for a culturally rich environment.

Accountability Planning Matrix:

The College of Fine Arts has adopted the following major goals in relation to the University Accountability Planning Matrix.

1. Foster and sustain excellence in all College of Fine Arts programs.

2. Secure and allocate College of Fine Arts human, physical, and financial resources in light of limited and finite state support for education.

3. Ensure an inclusive environment of educational excellence that will increase learning opportunities for all students across the College and University.

4. Strengthen the recruitment, retention, and success of College of Fine Arts students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

5. Encourage and support research, scholarship and creative activities among College of Fine Arts faculty and students.

6. Improve and promote College of Fine Arts outreach activities.

The College of Fine Arts is committed to equality of opportunity in employment. The College of Fine Arts shall seek to encourage and promote recognition and appreciation of the realities and benefits of multiculturalism and diversity and work to foster an atmosphere within the College that provides equal employment opportunity and upward mobility for all qualified persons.

We seek to uphold the following values with all of our constituencies.

Honor Excellence:

A. Encourage excellence in academic, professional, and leadership opportunities by providing support and recognition.
B. Provide recognition for student academic and creative excellence.

A. Provide recognition for excellence in teaching, advising, research, scholarship, creative performance, and other academic activities.
B. Develop and maintain excellence in programs that encourage the highest academic and artistic standards.
C. Encourage and improve faculty development.

A. Provide for recognition of excellence in yearly performance of classified staff/administration.
B. Encourage staff and administration professional development.

Community & Alumni:
A. Acknowledge the excellence of contributions and achievements of distinguished alumni and members of the community who have brought recognition to the CFA.
B. Encourage and recognize community and alumni partnerships that facilitate reciprocal educational/cultural awareness and development.

Intellectual Exploration:

A. Enhance and improve education in and through the arts for professional careers and cultural development.

A. Encourage scholarly and creative activities that lead to the advancement of knowledge in a consultative environment.

A. Increase access to information resources.
B. Encourage resourcefulness among staff.
C. Improve evaluation and development of staff.

Community & Alumni:
A. Engage in research, scholarship, and creative performances that (1) involve alumni and community, (2) enhance the community in and through the arts, (3) provide for the advancement of knowledge, and (4) advocate for the arts.

Enhance Learning:

A. Ensure that needed faculty and staff are available to offer students the best learning environment.
B. Enhance and improve student education in and through the arts for professional careers and diverse cultural development.

A. Provide faculty positions to staff quality programs that have been eroded through recent cuts.
B. Provide faculty opportunities for continuing professional development.
C. Improve evaluation and development of faculty.

A. Increase the number of technical and clerical staff to allow for full-time support.
B. Design and provide a competence-based training and development program for staff that facilitates individual and organizational growth and excellence.

Community & Alumni:
A. Seek opportunities to link teaching, creative/scholarly activity, and service with alumni and community constituencies for enrichment experiences.


A. Provide safe, accessible, and aesthetically attractive CFA facilities that are conducive to student success.
B. Provide increased scholarship support and information on financial aid opportunities for students.
C. Promote strong interpersonal relationships between faculty and students.

A. Ensure that the required infrastructure and staff are available to provide faculty with an environment that allows faculty to engage in teaching and scholarly activities at a higher level.
B. Provide safe, accessible and attractive CFA facilities that are conducive to student success.
C. Increase effectiveness of College fund-raising activities.
D. Improve evaluation and development of faculty.

A. Provide office facilities that support staff excellence.
B. Provide efficient management of existing resources to promote staff self-esteem, productivity, and professional development.

Community & Alumni:
A. Respond to issues of importance to our alumni and community leaders.
B. Provide safe, accessible, and attractive CFA facilities that alumni and the community can be proud of and enjoy.
C. Develop cooperative relationships with businesses and cultural groups.


A. Offer programs and services that will assist students in clarifying career and academic priorities in the fine arts with graduation as a goal.
B. Provide multiple support systems for students with the objective of student retention and success.
C. Retain sufficient numbers of continuing and new students to maintain the program goals for each school and college.

A. Develop a system honoring excellence and encouraging the retention of quality faculty who contribute to the teaching, research, and creative performance priorities of the College.
B. Emphasize the importance of retaining faculty from diverse backgrounds.
C. Address faculty compensation issues related to faculty stability, workloads, and comparative salaries.

A. Encourage the retention of quality staff that contributes to the academic and scholarly priorities of the College.
B. Emphasize the importance of retaining staff from diverse backgrounds.

Community & Alumni:
A. Maintain and foster relationships with community service agencies and alumni to retain and nurture community loyalties.


A. Recruit quality students.
B. Provide a quality learning environment with support for the specific needs of the CFA.

A. Recruit exceptional faculty from diverse backgrounds with the potential to become effective in a variety of settings.
B. Maintain quality adjunct faculty to fully meet the instructional needs of all CFA degree programs.

A. Increase numbers and improve quality of technical production personnel.
B. Increase numbers and improve quality of classified and public relations personnel.

Community & Alumni:
A. Improve effectiveness of awareness and marketing for the CFA.
B. Determine employment needs of community through partnerships with professional regional and community-based organizations.
C. Create a strong and active community support base for existing programs.