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Faculty Forms and Information 



Faculty Handbook

Faculty Meeting Minutes, password protected

Performance Evaluation Form

Recommendation for Graduate Faculty Nomination

Load Report Form (Excel) 

Accompanist Policy




Graduate Assistant Evaluation Form

Instrument Rental Policy

Curriculum Change Forms

Program Approval Form

Recommendation for Degree

Basic Tuition and Fees


Music Office Requests 

Room Request Form

  • All room requests must be submitted to the School of Music office with this online form.


Financial, General

Guest Artist Information Form

  • Please submit this form to the Director’s Office at least one month prior to the event. 
  •  The information from this form is used by the Dean’s Office to generate a contract for the Artist.

Request for Expenditure

  • This form is for requesting any expense that is not an honorarium or travel (in which case, use the guest artist form or travel form).
  • This must be submitted to the Director’s Office before items are purchased. If your purchase has not been approved, the School of Music may not have the funds to reimburse you, or be able to order a check for the payee(s).
  • You will be informed via email of Director's approval or denial.


Financial, Festivals

Festival Presenter Checklist

  • At least 3 months prior to a festival, the Festival Presenter (faculty member), must begin this process.
  • Please print out this checklist and create a budget (see below).

Festival Budget Worksheet

  • The very first step is to create a festival budget.  You may use this worksheet as a general guideline, or type your own.
  • After you create your budget meet with the SOM Administrative Officer to review the event.


Financial, Travel 

Travel Form

  • Please complete this form regardless of where you are going, or if you are requesting funding. Form must be emailed to the Administrative Officer.
  • This is due to the Director’s Office at least 3 weeks prior to travel, or budget requests will not be approved.
  • If you are using Sunflower Travel, contact Laurie O'Leary for rates and to book your airfare: loleary@sunflowertravel.com : (316) 733 2753.
  • If you are requesting airfare and not using Sunflower Travel, you must include 2 quotes of complete listings from different sites, showing that what you are requesting is less than both the sites' lowest rate listed.  Here is an example of an acceptable quote.
  • Per Diem rates: Continental US; International; Outside Contiguous US (e.g. Hawaii, Alaska)

Travel Reimbursement Form: to be completed upon your return and submitted with receipts.

State Travel Website

  • Useful information about reimbursement rates and high-cost areas.
  • Per diems and meal information

Student Travel Form 

  • See Faculty Handbook or School of Music Director for complete guidelines when traveling with student groups.  This form is one of the final steps in the process - after funding has been approved and travel arrangements have been made.


Other Helpful Information

Audix Phone Manual

Blackboard Resources

  • Also, you may call the Help Desk at 978-HELP, or visit the Help Desk website here.

School of Music Letterhead (digital format): Available upon request. 

Graduate School Application

Shared Drive Instructions

Visual Standards