Music Scholarships


To apply for a School of Music Scholarship:


1.  Complete a Fine Arts Scholarship Application

        Scholarship Application


2.  Complete a  FAFSA Application

  • The FAFSA is not a requirement, but it does open up the most scholarship opportunities, so please consider completing this!


3.  New Applicants, Schedule an Audition




If you have any questions, please contact your Area Director.

Applied Area Directors:
Keyboard - Andrew Trechak (316) 978-6235
Strings - Mark Laycock (316) 978-6202
Voice - Marie King (316) 978-6373
Wind/Brass/Percussion – Vic Markovich (316) 978-6424


The Konrad Wolff-Ilse Bing Chamber Music Scholarship

For information about The Konrad Wolff-Ilse Bing Chamber Music Scholarship, including application, visit the Wolff Bing Scholarship page.  This award is unconnected from the other School of Music scholarships, and has a separate application process.



Auditions are required  for program entrance, and scholarships and are open to all instrumental and vocal students who are high school seniors, transfer students and graduate students. Please see our Audition Page for more information, or reserve an audition time here .