On behalf of the School of Performing Arts - home of outstanding programs in Dance, Theatre and Musical Theater - welcome to our website. The Wichita State University School of Performing Arts is known for its quality productions as well as the level of discipline and professionalism that is present in each facet of the educational process. In other words, we put on a good show - but we also know what it takes to put that show together!

We hope that you will browse through our site and find something that strikes you! From our photo archives, to our casting announcements, to the list of this year's upcoming shows - there is plenty of information for you to grasp about our many talented performers and designers. Not to mention, the faculty who have dedicated countless hours of training and coaching to each student!

We hope to see you at one of our exciting productions soon - don't forget to stop by the Season page to learn more!

Department Videos

PNG ImageBe sure to check out our promo videos for more information: 

Theatre Program - video

Musical Theatre Program - video

Dance Program - video