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Printmaking is the entire history of image and text on paper. Historically printmaking encapsulates all of the efforts of humans to make text and image reproducable; it incorporated art and text into books, newspapers, journals, brochures. In the 20th and 21st centuries this has broadened considerably to include comic books, magazines, t-shirts, billboards, zines, signs, and posters along with the traditional paper-based media.

WSU’s Printmaking Program provides students with comprehensive instruction in all areas of print media. Studio courses focus on technical proficiency, presenting both historic and contemporary techniques that build on a sensitive engagement with the broad reach and deep potential of printed work. Advanced students are expected to pursue both disciplined studies in traditional techniques as well as add printmaking tools and processes to a multi-disciplinary practice, towards the creation of work that obscures the traditional boundaries of printed works on paper.

Through the creation of original work, studio critique, class readings, and discussion, students develop an interpretive and analytical approach to understanding their own work, and that of their peers and predecessors, in a larger artistic context. Self-analysis and critical thinking are emphasized in class assignments, which ask students to solve visual problems in ways that are meaningful to themselves, and engaging to viewers. Our primary objective is to prepare emerging artists to utilize any and all printmaking tools and processes to their advantage in creating increasingly thoughtful and challenging artwork.

An extensive archive of student and visiting artist work coupled with access to the Ulrich Museum of Art’s permanent print collection provides students with diverse exposure to fine art prints. Printmaking classes regularly view works from nearly every period in history, from Northern European Renaissance artists, to contemporary prints of the 21st century.

Studio Facilities 

C.A. Seward Memorial Guest Print Maker Program

Tornado Alley Press

BFA in Art, Studio Art Emphasis: Degree Checksheet

WSU Printmaking students print woodcuts with a steamroller at the student gallery, WSU Shift Space, April 2012  (video by WSU student Nam Le):



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Humberto Saenz
Assistant Professor, Area Head, Print Media
School for Art and Design
Wichita State University