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Sculpture is perhaps the most expansive of all art & design media. Encompassing objects of all sizes from miniscule to monumental, materials as diverse as the imagination can ponder, and non-object processes such as installations and performances, students pursuing sculpture learn all manner of making in 3D and 4D. In addition to creating artwork professionally, students in Sculpture pursue careers designing public plazas and spaces, making public artworks, installing art and displays in art and history museums, creating elaborate retail displays, working in robotics and 3D animation, theater and set design, and creating forms and installations of every kind imaginable.

Sculpture offers a varied and rich learning experience. Clay figure modeling, steel fabricating, wood and stone carving, bronze and aluminum casting, vacuum-forming, and digital design take place continually in the sculpture studios in Henrion Hall. In addition, fibers, jewelry, ceramic, and video facilities are available through other areas in the Art & Design program and are often utlized by Sculpture students.

Advanced students are expected to pursue disciplined studies in concept- and material-bound techniques through original work, studio critique, class readings, and discussion. Students develop an interpretive and analytical approach to understanding their own work and that of their peers and predecessors in a larger artistic context. Self-analysis and critical thinking are emphasized in class assignments, which ask students to solve visual problems in ways that are meaningful to themselves, and engaging to viewers. Our primary objective is to prepare emerging artists to utilize any and all tools and processes to their advantage in creating increasingly thoughtful and challenging artwork.

The Master of Fine Art is the terminal degree in studio art. It is for qualified students planning careers as professional artists, either working independently or as artist-teachers on the college or art school levels. Graduate Teaching Assistantships with tuition reduction and stipend and Graduate Scholarships with full tuition waiver are available to all accepted students. Students in sculpture pursue conceptual and material development on their own unlimited terms and are expected to fully explore the resources of the School of Art & Design as well as the rest of the University (including its excellent College of Engineering). In addition, the Ulrich Museum of Art's campus sculpture collection is one of the finest and most extensive in the country.



WSU Sculpture Guild