Saxophone Studio


Studio Members:

Cody Adams (BME Saxophone)
Lauren Fortner (BS Nursing)
Tyler Frueh (BME Saxophone)
Jacqueline Henning (BME Saxophone)
Sidney Hose (BS Aerospace Engineering, BM Saxophone Performance)
Nathan Nelsen (BME Saxophone)
Joe Richey (BME Saxophone)
Jesus Rojas (BME Saxophone)
Hailey Titus (BME Saxophone)

Tarin Barnes (BA Communication, Music Minor)
Bryan Cline (BS Aerospace Engineering, BM Saxophone Performance)
Alexis Guzman (BM Jazz Studies)
Aadil Naveed (BA Mathematics, Music Minor)

Zac Hooper (BM Jazz Studies/Composition)

Tyler Burgess (BME Saxophone)
Tyler Riffel (BME Saxophone)
Justin Summers (BME Saxophone)
Jeremy Thomas (BME Saxophone)

Graduate Class:
Robby Avila (MM Saxophone Performance)
Bobbi Ehrlich (MME Education)
Robert Hess (MM Saxophone Performance)
Lisa Johnson (MME Education)
Bobby Kitchen (MM Saxophone Performance)
Karen Morrell (Certificate)
Benjamin Reilly (MME Conducting)

Dear Prospective Undergraduate Student,

Thank you for your interest in Wichita State University's Saxophone Studio!  To be accepted into our studio, you must perform either a live, on-campus audition for Dr. Deibel, or submit a professionally-recorded screening tape for consideration. 

Screening Tapes

If you must submit a tape, please do so no later than February 1st.  Clearly label the recording (CD, DVD, or online format accepted) with your name, the repertoire that you are performing for each track listing, and the degree you are seeking (performance or education).

Send your tape to:

Dr. Geoffrey Deibel
Assistant Professor of Saxophone
Wichita State University
116 Wiedemann Hall
Wichita, KS 67260

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If you are interested in being considered for scholarship money, it is vital that you schedule and perform your audition well before the Spring of your senior year of high school.  The longer you wait to audition, the less chance there is that there will be scholarship money available at the time of your application.  Funds are limited and are distributed to the most highly-qualified applicants, but also only on a first-come, first-served basis.

When you are submitting your application to the University, you should also complete both (1) a music scholarship application and (2) a FAFSA application.  The FAFSA is not required, but it is highly recommended because it may open up additional funding for you.  You can find all these applications here.

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Recommended Audition Repertoire


You should select repertoire that you feel best represents your strong suits as a performer, and music with which you feel comfortable.  Although most repertoire is composed for alto saxophone, applicants may audition on soprano, alto, tenor, or baritone saxophones.  Below is a suggestion of repertoire that is expected of incoming freshman at Wichita State University.

Etudes: one or two etudes of contrasting character (one lyrical, one technical).  Selections from H. Voxman's Selected Studies or 38 Etudes by Ferling are acceptable.

Scales: any full-range scales up to four flats or sharps will be asked.  Please include three scales on any audition tape.  Chromatic Scale, full range.

Repertoire: partial or complete work from the standard repertoire demonstrating both technical and lyrical abilities.  Acceptable works:

Aria by Eugene Bozza
Sonata by Paul Creston

Sonata by Henri Eccles
Concerto by Alexander Glazunov
Sonata No. 3 by G.F. Handel
Sonata by Bernard Heiden
Concertino da Camera by Jacques Ibert
Tableaux de Provence by Paule Maurice
Chanson et Passepied by Jeanine Reuff
Three Romances by Robert Schumann
Sarabande and Gigue by Fisher Tull

Any other works of comparable quality.


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To schedule an audition:


Please fill out an audition reservation form.

Lastly, all prospective students are encourage to contact Dr. Deibel directly and are invited to take one free lesson either before or after their audition date.  Communication with the professor is encouraged.

Thank you for your interest in the Saxophone Studio, and we hope to hear from you soon!



Dr. Deibel and the WSU Saxophone Studio