Scholarship and Student Aid Committee
September 29, 2010
204 Ablah Library

Members Present: Doug English, Doug Parham, Jodi Pelkowski, Craig Torbenson, Mark Vermillion, Mary Walker

Ex-officio Members Present: Sheelu Surender

I. Approval of September 15, 2010 minutes
Approved as written

II. Revise DSI Observer Criteria.
The Committee reviewed the criteria provided by Kim Sandlin and determined that the guidelines were well written and did not require any revision at this time. One grammatical change was suggested, removing the ‘1.’ From the Consensus-Building Exercise guidelines. There is only one guideline.

III. Review DSI Leadership Questions
The compiled list of leadership questions was reviewed. Several questions were selected from the list, some with modification. Three new questions were suggested. Mary will type the new questions, recompile the list, and distribute via email. Comments and suggestions for changes and additions will be done via email. The list will be finalized at the next meeting.

IV. Set date for next meeting
Committee will meet after scenario is written, probably October 20, unless meeting sooner is necessary

V. As May Arise
Nick Wyant, Assistant Professor and Research and Information Services Librarian has agreed to write this year’s scenario.