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2011 - 2012

Committee Chairs
Academic Affairs
Court of Academic Appeals
Faculty Affairs
Faculty Support
General Education
Planning & Budget
Retrenchment Advisory & Appeals
Scholarship & Student Aid
Tenure & Promotion
Undergraduate Research
University Admissions Advisory Committee merged with Exceptions 10-11-2010
University Curriculum --   merged with Academic Affairs 10-11-2010
University Tuition Advisory


Committee Chairs
Committee Chair Box Phone ext. E-mail
Academic Affairs Denise Celestin 101  3047  denise.celestin@wichita.edu
Academic Appeals Rajiv Bagai 83 3915 rajiv.bagai@wichita.edu
University Admissions & Exceptions Advisory Mehmet Barut 77 6930 mehmet.barut@wichita.edu
Executive Steven Skinner 44 6197 steven.skinner@wichita.edu
Faculty Affairs walter Horn 44 3410 walter.horn@wichita.edu
Faculty Support Jay Price 45 7792 jay.price@wichita.edu
General Education Paul Rillema 51  3120  paul.rillema@wichita.edu
Honors Trisha Self 75 6810 trisha.self@wichita.edu
Library Robert Feleppa 74 7881


Planning & Budget Steven Skinner 44 6197 steven.skinner@wichita.edu
Rules Robert Ross 3367 84 robert.ross@wichita.edu
Scholarship & Student Aid Doug English 51 7353 doug.english@wichita.edu
Undergraduate Research Larry Whitman 44  5907 larry.whitman@wichita.edu

Academic Affairs
Name College Box Phone ext. E-mail Appt. Ends
Ngoyi Ngoyi Bukonda Health Professions 43 5591 ngoyi.bukonda@wichita.edu 2012
Denise Celestin -chair Fine Arts 101 3047




Jeri Carroll Education 28  6865 jeeri.carroll@wichita.edu 2012
Sue Abdinnour Business 77 6654  sue.abdinnour@wichita.edu 2013
Prakash Ramanan Engineering 83 3920 prakash.ramanan@wichita.edu 2013
Nick Solomey LAS Math/Natural Sciences 32 5224 nick.solomey@wichita.edu 2013
Mary Walker University Libraries 68 5792 mary.walker@wichita.edu 2014
vacant LAS Humanities       2014
Jodie Beeson LAS Social Sciences 135 7200 jodie.beeson@wichita.edu 2014

a. Composition: 10 members: 9 Faculty, one chosen from each of the Senate divisions, 1 student
b. Selection: Standard
c. Charges:

1. Review and make recommendations on proposals for new undergraduate degrees and academic programs.
2. Review existing policies governing academic affairs and proposals for curricular change or development.
3. Serve as the curriculum committee for programs and other units which are not covered by a curriculum committee in one of the degree-granting colleges/schools.
4.  Reesolve curriculum issues involving two or more college/schools or units.  These matters may be referred to the committee by the college/school curriculum  committees or the Office of Academic Affairs and Research.  In such instances, a representative of the Office of Academic Affairs and Reseach shall serve as a member of the committee (ex officio, non-voting).
5. Recommend new or changed policies concerning academic affairs to the Senate. This includes, but is not limited to, developing, reviewing, and recommending changes to university-wide academic standards and practices and administrative practices and policies likely to have an impact on existing academic programs and practices.
6. The Academic Affairs Committee shall have the power to interpret existing academic policy and resolve disputes over diverse interpretations of the policy.

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Court of Academic Appeals
Name College Phone ext. Box E-mail Appt. Ends
Rajiv Bagai - chair Engineering  3915 83  rajiv.bagai@wichita.edu 2012
David Soles LAS Humanities 7880 74 david.soles@wichita.edu 2013
 Frank Rokosz Education 5443 16   2014
Orren Dale LAS Social Sciences 6966 154 orren.dale@wichita.edu 2012
Laura Zellers Business 6259 87 laura.zellers@wichita.edu 2013
Ray Hull HealthProfessions 3271 75 ray.hull@wichita.edu 2014

a. Composition: 5: 3 Faculty chosen from among the Senate divisions, 2 students
Alternates: 3 faculty, 2 students (one must be a graduate student)
(Committee may use former members if necessary)
b. Selection: Standard. Faculty justices must be tenured and must be members of the graduate faculty. They shall serve three-year staggered terms and shall represent different Senate divisions. The committee shall also have two student members plus two student alternate members (one must be a graduate student). Cases involving graduate students must be heard by graduate students.
c. Charge:
1. Operate according to the Procedures of the Court of Student Academic Appeals, a copy of which is available in the Office of the Faculty Senate.
2. Make the final decision on cases appealed to it regarding students' requests for a change of grade, or other matters regarding academic requirements which a student can challenge.
For the Court of Academic Appeals go to WSU policies and Procedures, 2.03/ Court of Student Academic Appeals -- http://webs.wichita.edu/inaudit/ch2_03.htm

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University Admissions & Exceptions Advisory Committee
Name College Phone ext. Box E-mail Appt. Ends
Stephen Hathway LAS Humanities 6233 14   2012
Bin Shuai LAS Math/Natural Sciences 6142 26 bin.shuai@wichita.edu 2012
Kristen Johnson Fine Arts 7708 67 kristen.johnson@wichita.edu 2012
Rachel Crane University Libraries 5078 68 rachel.crane@wichita.edu 2013
Mehmet Barut - chair Business 6930  77 mehmet.barut@wichita.edu 2013
vacant Education       2013
vacant Engineering       2014
vacant LAS Social Sciences       2014
vacant Health Professions       2014

a. Composition: 12: 9 Faculty: 1 chosen from each of the Senate divisions, with the understanding that six faculty members are serving at any given time throughout the year. (rev.5/04)
1 student, 1 V.P. for Student Affairs (non-voting), 1 Representative of the Admissions Office (non-voting)

(Committee may use former members if necessary)
b. Selection: Standard
c. Charges:
1. Review policies and related procedures regarding admission to the University and exceptions to existing University rules.
2. Consider applications for admission of students who do not meet University standards for admissions, and exceptions to existing rules for students requesting them.
3. Reports to the Senate, as required un the Standard Charge to all Policy Committees, shall include recommendations made to appropriate administrative persons and actions taken by those persons.
revised membership 3-27-00

Executive Committee
President Steven Skinner 44 6197 steven.skinner@wichita.edu  
Past President Frederick Hemans 67 7715 frederick.hemans@wichita.edu  
President - Elect Robert Ross 84 3367


Vice President Peer Moore-Jansen 52 7059 pmojan@wichita.edu  
Secretary Walter Horn 44 3410 walter.horn@wicfhita.edu  
Executive Committee Member Rhonda Lewis 34 3695 rhonda.lewis@wichita.edu  
Executive Committee Member Silvia Carruthers 53 6268 silvia.herzog@wichita.edu  
Appt. by the President          

a. composition:  8
b.  charges;

  1. Sets agenda for Senate meetings.  An item shall appear on the agenda for the next meeting upon written request of five or more senators representing at least three Senate divisions.
  2. Reviews proposed changes to the Handbook for Faculty, other that those recommended the Senate.
  3. Receives policy recommendations from appropriate Senate committees and decides which policy recommendations require full Senate review.
  4. Any faculty member may request that the Executive Committee consider a matter for inclusion on the Senate agenda.  The Executive Committee may decide to include matters on the Senate agenda, or refer such matters to a Senate committee for cosiderations or establish ad hoc committees to consider such matters, to dismiss such matters, or take other appropriate actions.  In all cases, the Execurive Committee will notify petitioners of the disposition of their petitions.

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Faculty Affairs
Name College Phone ext. Box E-mail Appt. Ends
Terence Decker Business 3220 78 terence.decker@wichita.edu 2012
Lorraine Madway University Libraries 3590 68   2012
Aleksander Sternfield-Dunn Fine Arts   53   2012
Will Klunder LAS Humanities 7747 45 will.klunder@wichita.edu 2013
  LAS Social Sciences       2013
Walter Horn - chair Engineering 3410 44 walter.horn@wichita.edu 2013
Carol Bett Health Professions 5711 41 carol.bett@wichita.edu 2014
Chris Rogers LAS Math/Natural Sciences 6767 26 chris.rogers@wichita.edu 2014
vacant Education       2014

a. Composition: 9: 9 Faculty, one chosen from each of the Senate divisions
b. Selection: Standard
c. Charges: The Faculty Affairs Committee deals with the relationship between the WSU Faculty and the University and the State of Kansas. Specific areas of responsibility are:
1. Terms of employment, tenure policies, tenure and promotion guidelines, salary, fringe benefits, retirement, life insurance, health insurance, leave procedures, faculty benefits and responsibilities, dismissal policies and conflict of interest policies.
2. Issues of faculty statues within the University.
3. Academic freedom policies of the University and the State, including review of current policies, recommendations for changes, and review of any changes proposed by the University or the Board of Regents.
revised membership & Charge 3-27-00

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Faculty Support
Name College Phone ext. Box E-mail Appt. Ends
Jay Price - chair LAS Humanities 7792 45 jay.price@wichita.edu 2012
Linda Mitchell Education 6367 28 linda.mitchell@wichita.edu 2012
Tom Wine Fine Arts 6125 53 tom.wine@wichita.edu 2012
Julie Scherz Health Professions 5344 75 julie.scherz@wichita.edu 2013
Rhonda Lewis LAS Social Sciences 3963 34 rhonda.lewis@wichita.edu 2013
Krishna Krishnan Engineering 5903 35 rishna.krishnan@wichita.edu 2013
Rick LeCompte Business 7119 77 rick.lecompte@wichita.edu 2013
Ginger Williams University Libraries 6442 68 ginger.williams@wichita.edu 2014
  LAS Math/Natural Sciences       2014

a. Composition: 10: 9 Faculty who are members in full standing of the Graduate Faculty, one chosen from each of the Senate divisions (department chairs are ineligible), 1 Associate Provost for Research
b. Selection: Standard
c. Charges:
1. Review requests for institutional support of individual, departmental, and college/school research proposals, and forward recommendations to the Associate Provost of Research.
2. Assist the Associate Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies in the consideration of overall institutional policy governing the award criteria and management of University research grants, including the supervision of policies relating to the right of human subjects, patents, and publications.
3. Review applications for sabbatical leave and forward recommendations on the applications to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research.
4. Periodically review the University guidelines on sabbatical leaves and make recommendations for changes as appropriate.
5. Review and act upon requests for institutional support of teaching and allocate resources available for this purpose.
6. Assist the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research in planning new faculty orientation. The structure and organization of the orientation shall be reviewed by the Committee at least once every three years.
7. Identify faculty who are willing to help other faculty who wish assistance with teaching or research.
8. Recommend to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research ways to recognize excellence in teaching and research.
revised 3-27-00
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General Education
Name College Phone ext. Box E-mail Appt. Ends
Lyn Goldberg Health Professions 6115 75 lyn.goldberg@wichita.edu 2012
Cathy Moore-Jansen University Libraries 5080 68 cathy.moore-jansen@wichita.edu 2012
Jeffrey Hershfield LAS Humanities 7883 74 jeffrey.hershfield@wichita.edu 2012
Ted Adler Fine Arts 3518 67 ted.adler@wichita.edu 2013
Paul Rillema-chair LAS Math/Ndatural Sciences 3732 5 paul.rillema@wichita.edu 2013
Janice Ewing Education 3322 28 janice.ewing@wichita.edu 2013
Chris Broberg Business 5175 147



Ted Adler Fine Arts 3518 67 ted.adler@wichita.edu 2013
Ikram Ahmed Engineering 6292 133 ikram.ahmed@wichita.edu 2014
Natalie Grant LAS Social Sciences       2014
Steve Brady Basic Skill rep 3966  33  stephen.brady@wicfhita.edu 2014

a. Composition: 12: 9 Faculty, one chosen from each of the Senate divisions, 1 Basic Skills faculty representative, 1 Student, 1 non-voting, ex officio member, General Education Coordinator --
b. Selection: Standard
Coordinator of General Education: Subsequent to the present coordinator's term, the Coordinator of General Education will be appointed by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research for a three-year term, and may serve no more that six consecutive years. The Provost & VPAAR will select the Coordinator from a list of three nominees recommended by the General Education Committee. The search process for the Coordinator of General Education will be directed by the Provost & VPAAR in consultation with the General Education Committee.
c. Charges:
1. Oversee the operation of the General Education Program as adopted by the faculty, advise the General Education Coordinator, and participate in the annual evaluation of the General Education Coordinator.
2. Enforce the provisions of the General Education Program. These include:
a. Determining the number of core courses offered by departments.
b. Developing guidelines for selection of Further Studies courses, subject to Senate approval, and approve Further Studies credit (added 3/30/99).
c. Developing the concept of Issues and Perspectives courses, according to the guidelines approved by the faculty
d. Soliciting proposals for Issues and Perspectives Courses
e. Approving proposed Issues and Perspectives Courses
3. Develop and implement, in concert with the Coordinator of General Education, the assessment process for General Education.
4. Develop, implement, and assess, in concert with the Coordinator, the across the curriculum component of the General Education Program.
5. Recommend changes to the program when necessary. Proposed changes will be considered by the Faculty Senate; major changes shall automatically be sent to the General Faculty for approval.
6. Develop and coordinate the General Education advising process.
7. Work with the Coordinator to develop the annual report on the assessment of General Education.
8. Report at least annually to the Faculty Senate regarding:
a. The current core course offerings, including lists of courses and enrollments.
b. The current Issues and Perspectives course offerings, including lists of courses and enrollments.
c. Any changes in the list of core courses and Issues and Perspectives courses.
d. Results of assessment of general education courses.
e. The extent of implementation of Issues and Perspectives courses.
f. Any problems or difficulties regarding the program, with recommendations for improvement.
revised 4/10/2000

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Name   College Phone ext. Box Appt. Ends
Ken Ciboski   LAS Social Sciences 7131 17 kenneth.ciboski@wichita.edu 2012
Johnnie Thompson   Education 6881 28



Holger Meyer   LAS Math/ Natural Sciences 3993 32 holger.meyer@wichita.edu 2012
Yanwu Ding   Engineering 3053 44 yanwu.Ding@wichita.edu 2013
Trisha Self - chair   Health Professions 6810 75 trisha.self@wichiita.edu 2013
Larry Spurgeon   Business 6260 77 larry.spurgeon@wichita.edu 2014
Elaine Bernstorf   Fine Arts 3389 151 elaine.bernstorf@wichita.edu 2014
Will Klunder   LAS Humanities 7747 45


Gemma Blackbun   University Libraries 5104 68 gemma.blackbun@wichita.edu 2014
Annette Lezotte   Honors Program Director    



a. Composition: 12: 9 Faculty, one chosen from each of the Senate divisions, 1 student, Director/Honors Program, Associate Director/Honors
b. Selection: Standard
c: Charges:
1. Counsel the Director and review the Director's activities.
2. Review and recommend changes as needed to the Honors Program.
3. Recommend changes in the rules and policies under which the program functions.
4. Consult with the director regarding students who want to undertake independent study leading to a degree with departmental honors
5. Annual reports to the Senate shall include recommendations made to and actions taken by the Honors Director
revised charge 3-27-00

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Name College Phone ext. Box E-mail Appt. Ends
Tim Craft Business 6955 77 timothy.craft@wichita.edu 2012
Peer Moore-Jansen LAS Social Sciences 6058 52 pmojan@wichita.edu 2012
Bill Hendry LAS Math-Natural Sciences 6086 26 william.hendry@wichita.edu 2013
Robert Manske Health Professions 3702 43 robert.manske@wichita.edu 2013
Charles Yang Engineering 6312 44 charles.yang@wichita.edu 2013
Daniel Bergman Education 6387 28 daniel.bergman@wichita.edu 2014
Amy Baker Schwiethale Fine Arts 6667 153 amy.baker@wichita.edu 2014
Robert Feleppa-chair LAS Humanities 7881 74 robert.feleppa@wichita.edu 2014

a. Composition: 16: 8 Faculty, one chosen from each of the Senate academic divisions, 1 representative appointed by the Graduate Council, 2 students ( one graduate student, one undergraduate student), 5 library staff ( ex-officio, non-voting): Dean, Coordinator for Collection Development, Associate Dean for Access Services, Head of Reference, Associate Dean of Administration
b. Selection: Standard.
c. Charges:
1. Represent faculty views and interests in matters relaing to the University Libraries.
2. Represent faculty concerns to the University Libraries about the impact of library policies and procedures on faculty and student interest.
3. Assist the Faculty Senate and the University Libraries in identifying and articulating long-term institutional priorities with respect to librry resources, service and facilities.
4.Advise the Faculty Senate, University Libraries and other committees and individuals charged with understanding the role and impact of of current and emerging technologies in the WSU and oather libraries and with implementing pollicy with respect to technological coordination and development.
5. Rejport annually to the Faculty Senate.  The report should identify significant developments during the year with regard to Library policy and long-range planning.  Specific accomplishments and policy initiatives and revisions should be identified, as well as the expected consequences for faculty and students.
rev. charge 11-22-10
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Planning & Budget
Name College Phone ext. Box E-mail Appt. Ends
Susan Matveyeva University Libraries   5139  68 


Victoria Mosack Health Professions 5756 41 victoria.mosack@wichita.edu     2014
Silvia Carruthers Fine Arts 6268  53  silvia.herzog@wichita.edu 2014
Terence Decker Business 7086 78 terence.decker@wichita.edu.   2012
Johnnie Thompson Education 6881  28 Johnnie.thompson@wichita.edu 2012
Peer Moore-Jansen LAS Social Science 7059 52 pmojan@wichita.edu. 2012
Will Klunder LAS Humanities 7747 45 will.klunder@wichita.edu. 2012
Mehmet Yildirim Engineering 3426 35 bayram.yildirim@wichita.edu. 2013
Ken Miller
LAS Math/Natural Sciences 3959 33 kenneth.miller@wichita.edu 2013
Steven Skinner President-Faculty Senate 3415 44 steven.skinner@wichita.edu  
Frederick Hemans Past President-Faculty Senate 7715 67 frederick.hemans@wichita.edu  
Robert Ross President Elect-Faculty Senate 3367 84 robert.ross@wichita.edu  

 a. Composition: 12: Faculty Senate President (chair), Faculty Senate President- Elect, Faculty Senate Past President, 9 senators elected from each of the Faculty Senate divisions,
ex-officio: Classified Senate President, Unclassified Senate President
b. Selection: Standard for the nine members elected from the Faculty Senate, three to be elected by the Senate each year to serve a three-year term. Each At-Large senator is eligible to represent his/her division. Members must serve concurrently as Senators and vacancies shall be filled by a vote of the Senate for the unexpired term with the provision that the selected member shall be from the appropriate division.
c. Charges:
1. Provide the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate with reports as tasks are completed from their annual written charge of specific topics and projects to the Faculty Senate Planning and Budget Committee.
2. Identify and define the most appropriate avenues for faculty participation in the planning and budget processes
3. Advise the faculty representative to university budget committee (President of the Faculty Senate) and the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs and Research, the administrative representative of the faculty, on faculty concerns and priorities related to budget policies.
4. Review all matters relating to university planning and budgets, and expenditures, Including budget policies and assumptions.
5. Develop the faculty perspective on strategic issues and direction of the University, through direct participation with the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs and Research, college/school/University Libraries deans, department chairs, Faculty Senate, and appropriate university-level planning groups.
6. Participate in the development of the legislative request budget.
7. Meet and confer with representatives of the Board of Regents and state agencies as they may request.
8. Review the revision/reallocation process that occurs after the legislature determines the actual budget allocations to the University, including the allocation of salary increase funds held by the PVPAARR.
9. Provide the faculty senate with regular reports on the activities of the committee regarding developments in the planning and budget preparation process.
10. Make recommendations to the Faculty Senate and to the administration in matters related to university planning and budgets.
11. Advise and consult with the President of the Faculty Senate and the President-Elect of the Faculty Senate on budget matters before their scheduled meetings with the Provost and Vice-President of Academic Affairs and Research.
revised membership 3-27-00
revised selection 2-22-10

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Retrenchment Advisory & Appeals
Name College Phone ext. Box E-mail Appt. Ends
  Fine Arts        
  Health Professions        
  University Libraries        

a. Composition: 9 members: 7 chairs of the Advisory and Appeals Committee for Retrenchment for each of the College/School/University Libraries, 1 student, 1 Ex Officio: University Equal Employment Opportunity Officer (non-voting)
b. Selection: Chairs of Advisory and Appeals Committee for Retrenchment are chosen according to the same procedures used in selecting Tenure and Promotion committee chairs or by other procedures adopted by the faculty of the college/school/University Libraries.
If a college/school/University Libraries elects the membership of its Tenure and Promotion Committee and of its Retrenchment Committee, separate elections must be held for each committee. Overlapping membership will be permitted if it arises out of separate elections.
If some portion of the membership of the Tenure and Promotion Committee of a college/school/University Libraries is appointed, and/or if some portion of the membership of the college/school/University Libraries Retrenchment Committee is appointed, then no more than half of the members of either committee may simultaneously be members of the other. The Rules Committee has the authority to grant an exception to this regulation for a particular college/school/University Libraries, if such a request for exception can be justified.
c. Charge:
1. a) To regularly review the status of the university and its component parts in relation to those aspects relevant to possible financial exigency.
b) To participate in preventive planning for the university prior to a declared exigency.
c) To review university and college/school/University Libraries plans for retrenchment should a declaration of financial exigency be necessary
d) To serve as an appeals committee during periods of financial exigency as described in the "Policies and Procedures for the Reduction of Unclassified Staff for Reasons of Financial Exigency" document adopted by the University Faculty September 15, 1980, or as amended.
2. Planning during non-crisis periods
a) Biannual review of the current status and future projections for the University by the President and/or Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research with the University Committee and others as appropriate.
b) The chair of the University Committee shall be involved regularly in discussions with the university administration regarding university financial status, especially at time of budget hearings.
c) Review and consideration of policies such as early retirement or semi-retirement, shared positions, faculty retraining and faculty reassignment which could help avoid declaration of financial exigency.
3. During a period of financial exigency.
Function as stated in the "Policies and Procedures for the Reduction of Unclassified Staff for Reasons of financial Exigency" document adopted by the University Faculty September 15, 1980, or as amended.
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Name College Phone ext. Box E-mail Appt. Ends
Chris Brooks LAS Humanities 6194 14



vacant  LAS Social Sciences       2012
Dharam Chopra LAS Math/Natural Sciences 3970 33 dharam.chopra@wichita.edu 2012
Julie Bees Fine Arts 6089 53 julie.bees@wichita.edu 2013
Daniel Bergman Education 6387 28 daniel.bergman@wichita.edu 2013
Barbara Hodson Health Professions 6342 75 barbara.hodson@wichita.edu 2013
Clyde Stoltenberg Business 6399 88 clyde.stoltenberg@wichita.edu 2014
Cahty Moore-Jansen University Libraries 5080 68 cathy.moore-jansen@wichita.edu 2014
Krishna Krishnan Engineering 5905 35    
Robert.Ross - chair President Elect-President of the Senate 3367 84 robert.ross@wichita.edu  
Peer Moore-Jansen Vice President of the Faculty Senate 3195 52 



a. Composition: 11: 9 Faculty, one chosen from each of the Senate divisions, Vice President of the Senate, President-Elect of the Senate (Chair)
b. Selection: Standard
c. Charges:
1. Recommend changes to the Senate rules and constitution to the Senate and update the rules and constitution to reflect changes passed by the Senate.
2. Recommend changes to the bylaws of the University Faculty and updates the bylaws to reflect any changes made.
3. Recommend to the Senate procedures and policies for the Senate elections. The Vice President of the Senate conducts the elections.
4. Recommend to the Senate changes to the Senate committee structure and changes in the procedures for appointing faculty, administrators, and staff to these committees, and nominate candidates for the committees to the Senate for its approval. In making nominations the committee is not restricted to nominations from Senate categories or committee preference forms, but should strive to create the strongest and most effective committees.
5. Review and suggest changes in the Faculty Grievance Procedure and coordinate its implementation.
6. Interpret the Rules and Constitution of the Faculty Senate.
revised membership 3-27-00

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Scholarship & Student Aid
Name College Phone ext. Box E-mail Appt. Ends
Douglas Parham Health Professions 5634 75


Craig Torbenson LAS Humanities 7795 45 craig.torbenso@wichita.edu 2012
Mark Vermillion Education 5444 127 mark.vermillion@wichita.edu 2012
Jodi Pelkowski Business 7092 78 jodi.pelkowski@wichita.edu 2013
Suzanne Tirk Fine Arts 6191 53 suzanne.tirk@wichita.edu 2013
Doug English - chair LAS Math/Natural Sciences 7353 51 doug.english@wichita.edu 2013
Melissa Mallon University Libraries 5077 68 melissa.mallon@wichita.edu 2014
Gamal Weheba Engineering 5777 35 gamal.weheba@wichita.edu 2014
Dan Close LAS Social Sciences 6058 31 dan.close@wichita.edu 2014

a. Composition: 12: 9 Faculty, one chosen from each of the Senate divisions, 1 student, Director of Financial Aid or designated replacement (ex-officio, non-voting), Representative from Admissions Office (ex-officio, non-voting)
b. Selection: Standard
c. Charges:
1. Review the actions of the Financial Aids Office and the Admissions Office, as they relate to scholarships and student aid.
2. Recommends and reviews procedures for the selection and termination of scholarships and financial aid administered by the Financial Aid Office and the Admissions Office.
3. Conduct a periodic review of the policies and related procedures for the awarding of scholarships and financial aid administered by the Financial Aid Office and the Admissions Office.
4. Recommend and review procedures for the Distinguished Scholarships Invitational (DSI) competition.
5. Act as the final appeals board for students with scholarship grievances.
6. Annual reports to the Senate shall include recommendations to and actions taken by appropriate administrators.
revised membership & charge 4/10/2000, 11/8/10 

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Tenure & Promotion
Name College Phone ext. Box E-mail Appt. Ends
Rachel Crane University Libraries 5078 68 rachel.crane@wichita.edu  
Gaylen Chandler Business 5253  88 gaylen.chandler@wichita.edu  
Linda Mitchell Education 6367 28


Bob Minaie Engineering 5613 133 bob.minaie@wichita.edu  
Royce Smith Fine Arts 7713 67  royce.smith@wichita.edu  
Kathy Strattman Health Professions 6356 75 kathy.strattman@wichita.edu  
Barbara Chaparro LAS 3683 34  barbara.chaparro@wichita.edu  
At Large Members          
Rhonda Lewis-Moss   3695 34 rhonda.lewis@wichita.edu 2011
David Soles - chair   7880  74  david.soles@wichita.edu 2012
Marcus McNeal Student Representative     mcmcneal@wichita.edu  

a. Composition: 12: 7 Chairs of the Tenure and Promotion Committees of the degree-granting college/school and for University Libraries, 2 Faculty-at-large, 1 Student (non-voting), 2 Ex-officio: (non-voting) Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research, Dean of the Graduate School. Ex-officio members shall not be present at the meeting when final votes are taken.
b. Selection:
Chairs of tenure and promotion committees in the degree-granting colleges/schools and for University Libraries are chosen according to procedures established in their respective college/school/University Libraries, or unit. They are elected to two-year staggered terms. Faculty-at-large are selected according to standard procedures for naming members to faculty senate committees, except that they shall be from different Faculty Senate divisions, and shall be full-time, tenured faculty members with the rank of associate professor or higher. Faculty-at-large serve three-year terms. Ex-officio and faculty at-large members may not serve while a candidate for promotion or incentive review, or while on sabbatical leave. Replacement appointments shall be made as needed, following standard procedures.
c. Charge:
1. Implement University-wide policies and procedures for awarding tenure and promotion.
2. Coordinate the Tenure and Promotion Calendar.
3. Specify the format for documentation in support of Tenure and Promotion Review, with a view to developing comparable standards throughout the University while recognizing essential college/school/University Libraries differences.
4. Formulate transmittal, reporting, and appeals procedures for awarding tenure and promotion.
5. Ensure that there are University-wide procedures for notifying the relevant administrators and those faculty members for whom tenure decisions must be made before reappointment.6. Review tenure and promotion cases in accordance with the University Tenure, Promotion, and Appeals Procedure.
7. Review every three years the college/school/University Libraries guidelines for tenure and promotion. 8. Report to the full Faculty Senate for review issues of concern in tenure policies and tenure and promotion guidelines.
Revision Date:
October 13, 2009
[The Dean of each college, school, and University Libraries will forward a copy of their College/University Libraries Guidelines and Criteria for Tenure and Promotion to the Chair of the University Tenure and Promotion Committee by February 1 as follows: (9-27-99)Forwarded to the President for acceptance]]
2011/12, 2014/15, 2017/18, etc.-- Fine Arts, Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and University Libraries
2012/13, 2015/16, 2018/19 etc -- Barton School of Business, College of Health Professions
2013/14, 2016/17, 2019/20 etc -- College of Education, College of Engineering

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Undergraduate Research
Name College Phone ext. Box E-mail Appt. Ends
Hussein Hamdeh LAS Math/Natural Sciences 3994 32 hussien.hamdeh@wichita.edu 2012
Susan Matveyeva University LIbraries 5139 68 susan.matveyeva@wichita.edu 2012
Michael Hall LAS Social Sciences 7138 17 michael.hall@wichita.edu 2012
Larry Whitman - chair Engineering 5907 35 larry.whitman@wichita.edu 2013
Kim McDowell Education 6873 28 kim.mcdowell@wichita.edu 2013
Masud Chand Business 7115 88 masud.chand@wichita.edu 2014
Jay  Price LAS Humanities 3473 45


Steven Oare Fine Arts 6434 53


Douglas Parham Health Professions 5634 75 douglas.parham@wichita.edu 2014
Annette LeZotte Honors Program Director 3379 97 annette.lezotte@wichita.edu  

a. Composition: 12: 9 Faculty,  one chosen from each of the Senate divisions, Director of the Honors Program, 1 student, 1 representative from ORA (non-voting)
b. Selection: Standard
c. Charge: Administer and review the Undergraduate Research Forum

University  Tuition Advisory Cvommittee

Composition:  9 members
Selection:  3 Faculty selected by the Executive Committee
                 3 Students selected by S.G.A.
                 President of the Unclassified Professional Senate or designated representative
                 President of the Classified Senate, or disignated representative
                 Director of Budgets  (ex offico, not-voting
     1.  Review budgetarty needs and present to the President of the University recjommendations concerning tuition.
     2.  Annual rejports to the Senate shall include recommendations made to and actions taken by the President of the University concerning tuition, 

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