2015 - 16 Committee Annual Reports


Court of Academic Appeals: Annual Report for 2015 - 2016

Faculty Members:
Kirsten S. Johnson, College of Fine Arts
Noell Birondo, College of LAS, Humanities
Ray Hull, College of Health Professions

Student Members:
Motahareh (Sara) Bahrami zanjani, Graduate Representative
Maha Madi, SGA Undergraduate Representative

Faculty Alternates:
Laura Zellers, School of Business
Rajiv Bagai, College of Engineering
Frank Rokosz, College of Education

Alternate Students Members:
Katie Deutsch, SGA Undergraduate Representative
Kelsy Gossett, Graduate Representative

Meeting Schedules and Committee Activities:
The Court meets whenever an appeal case is presented to be heard by Linnea Glenmaye, Associate
Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters had little activity.

There was one case presented to the committee that the Chair believed should be put in front of the University Exceptions Committee, as the request related better to the duties of this committee and there were no objections on the part of the Professor. The case easily passed through Exceptions.

We did meet on February 26, 2016.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kirsten S. Johnson
Associate Professor of Graphic Design
School of Art, Design + Creative Industries
April 1, 2016

2015-2016 Faculty Affairs Standing Committee
Annual Report

1. Listing of Committee Members: The following colleagues has served the committee during the 2015-2016 academic year:

Name College/School  Term Ending
Mehmet Barut (chair) Barton School of Business         2018
Lorraine Madway  University Libraries       2018
Pina Mozzani College of Fine Arts       2018
Carol Bett College of Health Professions       2017
Jeri Caroll College of Education        2017
Syed Taher College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (Math)       2017
Jens Kreinath* College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (Social Sciences)       2016 
Jay Mandt College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (Humanities)       2016
Prakash Ramanan College of Engineering       2016
*Due to Sabbatical leave, Sarah Taylor was a substitute during this academic year

2. Meeting Times of the Committee: The committee met six times at the following dates and times:

April 5, 2016  9:00 - 10:15AM
March 1, 2016  9:00 - 10:30AM
November 10, 2015 9:00 – 10:15AM
October 27, 2015 9:15 – 10:30 AM
October 6, 2015  9:00 – 10:30 AM
September 8, 2015  9:00 – 10:30 AM
3. Matters Discussed; Charges carried; and actions taken/suggested:

a) Discussed possible issues, questions, and concerns related to the WATC-WSU Merge. This matter required preparation and examination of similar merges in the region between meetings. Results shared with Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the President’s Faculty Advisory Council.
b) Discussed the applicability of Boyer and UniScope matrix for scholarship evaluation in Tenure and Promotion pertaining to Strategic Planning Goal # 7.
c) Discussed the charge of Concealed Gun policy and its impact. The sense of the committee based on faculty input was conveyed to Faculty Senate Executive Committee.

4. Listing of any matters the committee would like the Faculty Senate to endorse/vote
a. The committee recommends the usage of UniScope scholarship model for Tenure and Promotion evaluations. The UniScope is an extension of Boyer Model that have been explicitly and implicitly used in at least two of our colleges. The committee believes that this model is a perfect fit for our University’s innovation theme; and thus provides the flexibility needed for mass customization across colleges. The UniScope will be the unifying framework at the University level. It also allows each college to provide examples of scholarship activities for each cell in the matrix.
b. This is an action item for the Faculty Senate suggested by the Faculty Affairs committee.      
5. Items Carried to 2016-2017 Academic Year
a.  Developing a process to handle issues that may arise from WATC-WSU Merging

Faculty Support Committee

Annual Report Academic Year 2015-2016


1. Current Members: 
• Rick LeCompte, Chair (Business)
• Rocio DelAguila, (LAS)
• Jeremy Patterson, (Education)
• Susan Parsons, (Health Professions)
• Gerald Scholl, (Fine Arts)
• Sarah R. Taylor (LAS)
• Paul Rillema (LAS)
• Meghann Kuhlmann, (Library)
• Mehmet Yildirim. (Engineering)
• Karen Davis, (Research) serves the committee in a non-voting capacity to provide administrative support.

2. Meeting Schedule:  The committee meets four to five times during the academic year depending on application due dates and committee availability.


3. Committee Activities:  The committee oversees a fiscal year budget of approximately $122,000 to be used to fund three internal grant programs the University Research/Creative Award (URCA), the Multi-disciplinary Research Projects Award (MURPA), and the Research/Creative Award (ARC).  During FY16, the committee recommended funding 19 of these awards for a total of $89,500. The committee also reviews applications made to the Flossie E. West Foundation, as well as, nominations submitted for the following Excellence Awards:  Excellence for Creative Activity Award, Excellence Award for Community Research and Excellence in Research Award.  This year the committee recommended funding two Flossie West proposals for a total of $37,000, and supported one nominee for the Excellence in Research Award, and one nominee for the Excellence in Creative Activity Award. All recommendations for funding are made to the Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer.  Committee members are also charged with reviewing applications for sabbatical leave and making recommendations to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. 

Overall, 52 grant applications, 7 nominations for excellence awards and 14 applications for sabbatical leave were reviewed and voted on by the committee.


4. Pending Issues:  All awards for Fiscal Year 2016 have been made.  The committee will meet again one more time before the end of the academic year (in early May) to review and make recommendations to the Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer for the first round of FY17 URCA proposals.  The committee is also currently reviewing and editing the committee charge to more closely align with committee activities.  No additional items are pending.

5. Recommendations:  None

Wichita State University
Faculty Senate Library Committee (FSLC)
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Present: Chase Billingham, Kathy Downes, Donald Gilstrap, Robert Feleppa, William Hendry,
David Hunsicker, Cathy Moore-Jansen, Donna Sayman, Semih Tartaroglu
Absent: Ngoyi Bukonda, Tiruvadi Ravigururajan
1. Welcome – Bill Hendry
a. Dr. Hendry reported that he has not received any feedback from the Faculty Senate
regarding what the Library Committee should be focusing on. Areas of concern
with regards to the libraries are budget cuts and the resulting cuts to serials with the
Office of Research and Technology Transfer’s removal of funding for IEL
Electronic Library, BioOne, Knovel, and SciFinder. Dr. Hendry contacted RTT
about the need for a Research Council meeting but received no response. Dr.
Hendry plans to meet with the dean of his college to discuss departmental concerns
including the loss of library resources, as well as requesting to be added to the
Faculty Senate agenda.
2. Serials Review, FY2016 – Cathy Moore-Jansen
a. Cathy reported that an announcement went out in September in WSU Today
regarding the Serials Review for FY2016 and resulting cuts. In addition to the loss
of funding from RTT, inflation increases with a static budget resulted in making
cuts to serials necessary.
b. Cathy reported that many factors are considered when cuts are necessary, such as,
high cost/low use vs. the cost of obtaining materials from Interlibrary Loan (ILL),
faculty/student input, and the availability of alternative sources.
c. During FY2015, University Libraries Interlibrary Loan initiated RapidR. This
service allows University Libraries to obtain books in a less than 24-hour
turnaround time with a 94% or better fill rate. With RapidILL, University Libraries
is able to provide most requested materials quickly. For those journal issues not
held by University Libraries in print or online, faculty and students can use the 360
Link attached to each citation from a library database or catalog to request an article
through Interlibrary Loan. The ILL request form will be automatically populated
with the citation information from the database.
d. Another research tool to help alleviate the impact of the cuts is ISI Current Contents
Connect. This tool is a multidisciplinary current awareness resource providing
access to complete bibliographic information for over 8,000 scholarly journals,
including some of the cancelled journals.
e. For more information regarding the Serials Review please contact Cathy Moore-
Jansen at cathy.moore-jansen@wichita.edu or go to:
3. Dean’s Announcements
a. Dean Gilstrap shared University Libraries information recently presented at the
Library Wide Meeting for faculty and staff. A copy of this Powerpoint is attached
to the minutes.
b. Dean Gilstrap shared information from the 2014 Association of College and
Research Libraries (ACRL) survey comparing University Libraries to WSU peers.
Data from this survey demonstrates that, among our peers, University Libraries is at
the top of our peers when looking at use of services and research resources per
student while University Libraries is at the bottom of our peers in regards to staffing
and funding.
4. Input and/or needs statements from the Faculty Senate Library Committee
a. Dr. Hendry will request to be put on the Faculty Senate agenda to discuss funding
issues resulting in loss of research materials as mentioned above. He encourages all
committee members
Rules Committee
Annual Report Academic Year 2015-2016

1. Current Members: 
Name College Box Ext e-mail Appt ends
Julie Bees Fine Arts 53 6089 julie.bees@wichita.edu
Daniel Bergman Education 28 6387 daniel.bergman@wichita.edu
Kathy Strattman Health Professions 75 6356 kathy.strattman@wichita.edu
Masud Chand Business 88 7115 masud.chand@wichita.edu
Mary Walker Univ. Libraries 68 5792 mary.walker@wichita.edu
Hyuck Kwon Engineering 44 6308 hyuck.kwon@wichita.edu
Chris Brooks Humanities 14 6194 chris.brooks@wichita.edu
Carolyn Shaw Social Sciences 17 7130 carolyn.shaw@wichita.edu
Hussein Hamdeh Math 32 3994 hussein.hamdeh@wichita.edu
Bayram Yildirim - chair President-Elect 35 3426 bayram.yildirim@wichita.edu

2. Meeting Schedule:  The committee met five times during the academic year.  The committee formed a sub-committee on revisiting the Senate Rules and Constitution. This sub-committee met 3 more times during the spring semester.  

3. Committee Activities: 
The committee revisited the Faculty Senate constitution, rules and election rules. There were changes for clarifying some of the rules and articles; the rules were updated to reflect current practices such as using electronic voting, etc. and both constitution and rules were re-organized to group the articles and rules  under new headings.  In the rules, the responsibilities of elected officers and executive council are included, The senate approved the proposed rules on 4/25/2017.    The constitution changes will be voted at the general faculty meeting on May 6, 2016.

Rules committee nominated candidates for the faculty Senate standing  committees to the Senate for its approval.

4. Pending Issues:

5. Recommendations:  None

WSU Faculty Senate
Scholarship and Student Aid Committee: 2015-2016 Annual Report

1. Scholarship and Student Aid Committee: 2015-2016 Membership

Name College Term ends
Semih Tartaroglu  Business 2016
Amy Baker Fine Arts 2016
Li Yao Math 2016
Lizzy Walker Univ. Libraries 2017
Esra Buyuktahtakin Engineering 2017
Sam Yeager Social Sciences 2017
Rich Bomgardner Education 2018
Barbara Morrinson Health Professions 2018
Francis Connor Humanities 2018
Tyler Bird Student Member N/A

2. Scholarship and Student Aid Committee: 2015-2016 Charges and Status

The 2015-2016 charges of the Scholarship and Student Aid (SSA) Committee were as follows:
A. Review the actions of the Financial Aids Office and the Admissions Office, as they relate to scholarships and student aid. Status: Ongoing on as needed basis.
B. Recommends and reviews procedures for the selection and termination of scholarships and financial aid administered by the Financial Aid Office and the Admissions Office. Status: Ongoing on as needed basis.
C. Conduct a periodic review of the policies and related procedures for the awarding of scholarships and financial aid administered by the Financial Aid Office and the Admissions Office. Status: Ongoing on as needed basis.
D. Recommend and review procedures for the Distinguished Scholarship Invitational (DSI) competition. Status: Completed. See #3 below.
E. Act as the final appeals board for students with scholarship grievances. Status: Ongoing on as needed basis. No scholarship grievance was brought to the SSA Committee during the 2015-2016 Academic Year.
F. Annual reports to the Senate shall include recommendations to and actions taken by appropriate administrators. Status: Ongoing.
3. Timetable for 2015 Distinguished Scholarship Invitational (DSI)

The SSA Committee focused its attention during the Fall 2015 academic semester on preparing for the DSI competition that was held on Saturday, November 21. Time-sensitive materials were prepared and delivered as follows:
Action Completed (Fall 2015)
Developed leadership questions and consensus-building scenario Mid October
Began university-wide recruitment of DSI Observers (i.e., judges) Mid October
Finalized questions and scenario Early November
Submitted questions and scenario to Office of Financial Aid November 10

In addition to committee’s work the chair of committee worked with admissions office as follows:
Action Completed
Served as judge on decision of finalists December 15
Attended final interviews, cast vote for on decision of winners January 27

4. Recommendation for the 2014 SSA Committee

a. Increase the number of WSU faculty/staff participating as DSI Observers for the 2016

University Tenure and Promotion 2016 Annual Report

Committee Members:

Business Rodney Boehme
Education Jean Patterson  -- chair
Engineering Klaus Hoffman
Fine Arts Julie Bees
Health Professins LaDonna Hale
LAS Doug English
Univ. Libraries Rachel Crane
At Large Bayram Yildirim
  Atul Rai

For Tenure

Dept Dept Dept Chair College Dean Univ.
C & I Y Y Y Y Y
C& I Y Y Y Y Y
Music Y Y Y Y  
Music Y Y Y Y Y
Commn,.Affairs Y Y N N  
Philosophy Y Y Y Y Y
Comm. Affairs Y Y Y Y Y

For Promotion and PIR

Dept. Assoc. Prof PIR Dept Dept  Chair.  College Dean Univ
C & I X     Y Y Y Y Y
C& I X     Y Y Y Y Y
CLES X     Y Y Y Y Y
EECS X     Y Y Y Y Y
AE X     Y Y Y Y Y
AE     X Y Y Y Y Y
Music X     Y Y N Y  
Music X     Y Y Y Y Y
Nursing x     Y Y Y Y Y
PT   X   Y Y Y Y Y
Conn, Affairs x     Y Y N N  
Philosophy X     Y Y Y Y Y
Psychology   X   Y Y Y Y Y
Psychology     X Y Y Y Y Y
Womens Studies     X Y N/A Y Y Y
History   X   Y Y Y Y Y
MSP X     Y Y Y Y Y
Comm. Affairs X     Y Y Y Y Y

The UniversityTenure and Promotion Committee met on February 23, 2016, to review college tenure and promotion guideliens and to discuss issues that arose during tenure and promotion deliberations.  Members present were Rodney Boehme, Rchel Crane, DougEnglishKlaus Hoffman, Jean Patterson, Atul Rai, and Mehmet Yildirim.  The committee reviewed and discussed document from the Barton School of Business and the College of Health Professions.

Health Professions: The committee recommends that College of Health Professions discontinue its departmental and college practice of writing two review letters, one for tenure and one for promotion.  A single letter that addresses both tenure and promotion is sufficient

Barton School of Business:   The committee recommends aligning its external review procedures with university policy.

The University Tenure and Promotion Committee met on February 23, 2016, to review college tenure and promotion guidelines and to discuss issues that arose during tenure and promotion deliberations.  Members present were Rodney Boehme, Rachel Crane, Doug English, Klaus Hoffman, Jean Patterson, Atul Rai, and Mehmet Yildirim.  The committee reviewed and discussed document from the Barton School of Business and the College of Health Professions.
Health Professions: The committee recommends that College of Health Professions discontinue its departmental and college practice of writing two review letters, one for tenure and one for promotion.  A single letter that addresses both tenure and promotion is sufficient
Barton School of Business:   The committee recommends aligning its external review procedures with university policy.
The committee also discussed issues that arose during its deliberations and made the following recommendations:
• Each candidate for tenure, promotion, and PIR needs to clarify authorship and contributions for collaboratively authored published scholarship and research grants.  Some suggestions were to indicate percentage of contribution to a paper and/or to indicate specifically what the author's contributions were.  It would also be helpful to explain the order of authorship when publishing with students and authorship conventions unique to disciplines
• Each candidate for tenure, promotion, and PIR needs to make sure the secondary dossier is complete and provides sufficient evidence of scholarship, teaching effectiveness, and service.  What might be evident at  the department and college levels becomes less clear at the university level, especially when questions arise about a candidate
• GIven the increasing number of courses being taught on line and the weight given to SPTEs as an indicator of teaching effectiveness, the committee recommends looking at the value of SPTEs for measuring teaching effectiveness

Undergraduate Research Committee: 2015-2016 Membership

Name College Term
Ramazan Asmalulu Engineering 2016
Jim Granada Education 2016
Anthony May Business 2017
William Flynn Fine Arts 2017
Trisha Self Health Professions 2017
Susan Sterret LAS Humanities 2017
Dinorah Azpuru LAS Social Sciences 2018
John Hammond - chair LAS Math/Natural Sciences 2018
Aaron Bowen University Libraries 2018
Kimberly Engber Honors Dean N/A
Sayed Farid Student member N/A

Summary of committee activities and decisions
The committee raised $2400 for the 2016 Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum (URCAF), soliciting funds from colleges and university offices.  We worked with the Conference Coordinators in the Office of Community Education to organize the URCAF event.

Note of pending activities
The 2016 URCAF event will be held on Tuesday, April 5. After the event, our committee will meet to discuss what went well, what needs improvement, and how we can boost participation in future years in order to meet our strategic plan goal of 60 participants in 2020.

Action items for Faculty Senate Consideration
One of the University Strategic Plan Dashboard metrics is Undergraduate Research Initiatives. Due to the importance of undergraduate research to WSU’s strategic plan, we request that the Faculty Senate provide a dedicated University-level budget line to support the annual URCAF.


University Admissions and Exceptions Committee (UAEC) 2015-2016 Annual Report

1. Amy Chesser (Health Professions)
2. Katherine Cramer (Education)
3. Rachel Crane (Chair; University Libraries)
4. Deepak Gupta (Engineering)
5. Kirsten Johnson (Fine Arts)
6. John Perry (Business)
7. Brigitte Roussel (LAS Humanities)
8. Sarah Taylor (LAS Social Sciences)
9. Mark Walsh (LAS Math/Natural Sciences)
We hope to fill the vacancy for a student representative.  Non-voting ex-officio members include Gina Crabtree and Sally Fiscus from the Registrar’s Office and Eric Sexton, VP of Student Affairs.
The committee meets approximately 14 times per year, including summer months. Meeting agendas through December 2015, were comprise of petitions ruled on by the college-level admissions and exceptions advisory committees, including rulings on admissions, qualified admissions, readmissions, late adds, late drops, withdrawal requests and other exceptions to established rules. From January onward, admissions and qualified admissions petitions are no longer processed through this committee, but solely through the Office of Admissions. As this change in the process is not consistent with the committee charge or the committee handbook, we recommend a revision to the committee’s name and charge. Once updates are finalized, the committee intends to continue to revise the committee handbook to reflect these changes.
The UAE Committee would like to request that the Faculty Senate examine a portion of the Grading System Repeat Policy, as located in the Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016, page 24, specifically item #2, which states that: “Any grade received at completion of a repeated class at WSU will automatically replace up to two previous grade(s) received for that course in computation of the student’s cumulative grade point average.”  Over time, the committee has observed that students are effectively punished for attempting to retake a class to better themselves and their grade(s) should the last grade standing be lower than previous attempts. This portion of the repeat policy has only been in effect since AY 2013-2014, and we are concerned that since that time, the results do not promote student learning.
The committee expects to continue to review policies and procedures regarding exceptions to existing University rules.
Respectfully Submitted,
Rachel Crane