Agenda for the meeting of the Faculty Senate
Monday, October 10, 1011
CH 126      3:30 pm

I. Call To Order

II.  Informal Statements and Proposals

III.  President's Report

IV.  Approval of the Minutes ---
2010-11 Senate meeting 5-9-11

Election meeting of the 2011-12 Senate 

V.  Committee Reports    
a.  Rules-- Robert Ross, chair

VI.  Old Business -- none

VII.  New Business  -- all documents are attached to the e-mail
a. Graduation requirement for training in “Scholarly Integrity” – Abu Masud
b. Recommendation to move fall 2013, 2014, and 2015 academic calendar up one week
c. First Reading : Correction to Section 2.15 of WSU Policies and Procedures
d. First Reading:  Changes to Section 4.13 of Policies and Procedures in order to conform to KBOR Policies and Procedures
e. Report on KBOR Transfer and Articulation – Fritz Hemans
VIII. As May Arise