Ad Hoc Committees

 Revision of Gen Ed Committee - charged with revising the general education program (1/22/18)

? Bill Hendry - Natural Sciences – Chair

? Kamran Rokhsaz – Engineering   Kamran.Rokhsaz@wichita.edu
? Bobby Berry – Education   Bobby.Berry@wichita.edu
? Susan Matveyeva – Library    Susan.Matveyeva@wichita.edu
? Lisa Garcia – Health    Lisa.Garcia@wichita.edu
? Helen Hundley – Humanities    helen.hundley@wichita.edu
? Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn - Fine Arts    aleks.sternfeld-dunn@wichita.edu
? Atul Rai – Business    atul.rai@wichita.edu
? Jeff Jarman - Social Sciences     jeffrey.jarman@wichita.edu
? Patricia Phillips - LAS Advising (ex officio)   patricia.phillips@wichita.edu
? Mandy Konecny - CHP Advising (ex officio)  mandy.konecny@wichita.edu
? Jessi Raburn - Honors Advising (ex officio)   Jessica.Raburn@wichita.edu
? Sally Fiscus - Registrar (ex officio)   Sally.Fiscus@wichita.edu
? SGA - Shelby Rowell    scrowell@shockers.wichita.edu
? Roy Myose - Honors College  roy.myose@wichita.edu
? Admin Support:  Maria Martino maria.martino@wichita.edu

Faculty Compensation Review Committee - analyzing faculty salaries with regard to internal inequities, as well as comparisons to other peer institutions.  Making recommendations to PET regarding a five year plan to reduce inequities.

Judy Espinoza - Director of HR and committee Chair
Rick Muma - Provost
Carolyn Shaw - Faculty Senate President
Gery Markova - Management
Jodie Hertzog - Sociology
Micah Thompson - HR

Textbook Selection Guidelines committee - drafting guidelines for faculty to take into account when making textbook selections in order to make a good faith effort at meeting accessibility standards.

John Jones - Director of MRC and Chair
Nils Hakansson - Engineering
Jeff Pulaski - Fine Arts 
Mara Alagic - Education
George Dehner - LAS
Whitney Bailey - Education
Laura Prahm - Health Professions
Room for additional faculty to join this committee

Other Committees with Faculty representation


Accessibility Committee - established by the General Counsel's office to coordinate WSU's efforts to respond to the settlement with the National Foundation for the Blind.  Agreement deadline is 2020. Timeline of tasks.  Molly Gordon - Chair

Faculty representatives: Samuel Willis, Nils Hakansson,  Jean Griffith, David Eichhorn, Katherine Bradfield.  Additional faculty are welcome.

Michael Cole,     
Deltha Colvin,    
Maureen Dasey-Morales,    
Lisa Fitzsimmons,    
Linnea Glenmaye,    
Molly Gordon,    
Teri Hall,     
Tim Hart,  
John Jones,     
Kevin Konda,   
Grady Landrum,   
Jane Link,   
David Moses  
Emily Patterson,   
Sheryl Propst,   
Trish Schmidt,   
Andrea Stipp,   
David Wright,    

ICAA Board

Faculty Representataives: Danny Bergman, Mehmet Barut, Carolina Moser, Mike Ross, Bayram Yildirim, George Dehner

Traffic Appeals Committee

Faculty Represenatives: Dharam Chopra, Mary Walker, Donna Sayman

Parking Committee


Strategic Planning Implementation committee - established by President Bardo in Policy 1.09 to help advance the university's strategic plan.  Chaired by Cindy Claycomb.

Faculty Senate representative: Gery Markova

Aldag, Tom NIAR
Arnold, Steve College of Health Professions
Barfield, Amy UP Senate
Bate, Seth  Community Engagement Institute
Claycomb, Cindy President's Office
Coleman-Martins, Shelly Strategic Communications
Engber, Kimberly Cohen Honors College
Jacob-Warren, Misha  General Counsel
Koeber, Chuck Fairmount College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Konda, Kevin Student Affairs
Livesay, Dennis Graduate School
Markova, Gery Faculty Senate / School of Business
Miller, David Finance & Administration
Moore-Jansen, Cathy University Libraries
Muma,  Rick Office of Academic Affairs
Muzzy, Sara Career Development Center
Jennifer Pacic  Community Engagement Institute
Patterson, Jeremy Institute for Interdisciplinary Creativity
Perry, John Barton School of Business
Schwiethale, Amy College of Fine Arts
Sessions, Randy USS Senate
Stoldt, Clay College of Education
Thiel, Chris  Student Government Association
Turosak, Anna  Graduate Student Association
Twomey, Jan College of Engineering
____  Campus of Applied Science & Technology

LGBTQ Task Force - Led by Alicia Sanchez (ODI)

Faculty Senate Rep - Carolyn Shaw

Breck Towner SGA- VP
Krysti Carlson - UP Senate
Haneesha Vishwa Sai - SGA
Ricki Ellison - Admissions
Marche Fleming-Randle - PDC
Meladee Garst - CTC
Linnea Glennmaye - Advising
Renea Goforth - USS Senate
Jean Griffith - Tilford
Liz Hamor - GLSEN
Danielle Johnson - ODI
Jane Link - EEO
Stacey Mann - Faculty
Karolina Mosa - Campus Rec
Rick  Muma - Academic Affairs
Jenny Pearson - Sociology
Sherly Propst - HR
Alicia  Sanchez - ODI
Guy Schroeder - Police Dept.
Heather Stafford - Student Health
Natasha Stephens - Title IX
Alli Sutton - Finanacial Aid
Matthew Carpenter - Housing
Sara Clifton - SI
Tonya Baldwin - International program office
Kerry Wilks - Graduate School
Paul Jackson - Community Member
Brad Thominson - ODI
Rheanna  Pierce - Student Advocate
Helena Popejoy - WASAC
Rexy Que - Spectrum