Minutes of the Election Meeting for the 2011- 2012 Faculty Senate
May 9, 2011

Members present: Barut, Bryant, Carruthers, Close, Decker, Gibson, Hemans, Henry, Horn, Johnson, Klunder, Kumar, Miller, Mukeerjee, Rillema, Rokosz, Russ, Russell, Skinner, Solomey, Thompson, Yeager,Yildirim

Members absent: Adler,  DeSilva, DiLollo, d’Souza, Jacobs, Mandt, Moore-Jansen, Mosack, Pulaski, M. Smith, P. Smith

Members excused: Besthorn, Bolin, Hershfield, Lewis

I. Call of the Meeting to Order:  President Steve Skinner call the meeting to order at 4:10pm.

II. Informal Statements and Proposals: None

III. President’s Report: President Skinner thanked Fritz Hemans for his service to the Senate and for being such a wonderful president.

IV. Committee Reports: None

V. Election of Officers for Academic Year 2011-2012 Faculty Senate:
The 2010-2011 Senate Executive Committee presented the following slate of senators that had agreed to stand for election for office positions for the 2011-2012 Senate:
• President-Elect  -  Robert Ross
• Vice President  -  Peer Moore-Jansen
• Secretary  -  Walter Horn
• Members of the Executive Committee  -  Silvia Carruthers and  Rhonda Lewis
In addition Nick Solomey had been nominated as a candidate for Member of the Executive Committee by the process stipulated in the Faculty Senate Election Rules.  President Skinner asked if there were any further nominations from the floor.  After sufficient time for a response, Senator Klunder moved for the nominations to be closed and Senator Rillema seconded.  The Senate voted unanimously to close the nominations.  Given that the candidates for the officer positions were unopposed they were automatically declared the winners of the office positions.
Ballots were distributed to the members of the senate to select as many as two of the three candidates nominated for “Member of the Executive Committee.”  After the ballots were counted by former senate president Hemans and others, Silvia Carruthers and Rhonda Lewis were declared the winners of the two seats on the committee.

VI. Election of members of the Planning and Budget Committee:
The 2010-2011 Senate Executive Committee nominated the following members of the senate for membership on the 2011-2012 Planning and Budget Committee to replace those members whose terms were completed:
Susan Matveyeva representing the University Libraries
Victoria Mosack representing the College of Health Professions
Silvia Carruthers representing the College of Fine Arts
Senator Klunder moved for the nominations to be closed and Senator Rillema seconded.   The members of the senate voted unanimously to close the nominations and the three senators were declared the new members of the committee

VII. As May Arise:  None

Meeting was adjourned at 4:35 p.m.
Respectfully submitted
Walter Horn, Secretary