Office of Financial Aid Staff

Sheelu Surender, Director

Donna Carter, Associate Director–Program Management

Chris Crandon, Assistant Director–Financial Aid Systems

Julie Scott, Assistant Director–Financial Aid Student Services and Outreach

Angie Zeorlin, Assistant Director–Scholarships

Barb Casey, Systems Analyst

William Fulls, Compliance Officer

Karen Porter, Senior Financial Aid Advisor

Alysa Parson, Financial Aid Advisor

Jessica Casper, Financial Aid Advisor

Courtney Lockhart, Financial Aid Advisor

Tegan Perry, Financial Aid Advisor

Meghan Simpson, Financial Aid Assistant

Karen Wilson, Financial Aid Assistant

Loretta Jackson, Program Specialist

Marissa Kouns, Program Specialist

Rebecca Haas, Program Specialist

Amanda Duffy, Scholarship Specialist

Heather Hill, Administrative Specialist – Scholarships

Chris Darnell, Systems Specialist

Alli Sutton, Verification Specialist

Christina Covey, Administrative Specialist – Systems

Vacant, Administrative Specialist – Systems

Angie Linder, Business Manager