Selecting Your Alternative Loan Lender 

Choose the lender you wish to borrow from while attending WSU. You can choose only one lender to process your loan. Our institution does not endorse any lenders; however, we are providing a list of lenders that WSU students have used in the past five years. You may select another lender or choose a paper application process but be advised that delays may occur as these lenders do not process with us electronically.

You have the right to select the education loan provider of your choice, and are not required to use any of the lenders or loans listed here.


You are strongly encouraged to exhaust your federal borrowing options if eligible before you consider private loans.

After clicking on your choice, you will leave WSU’s Web site. You will need to contact your lender if you have questions about their Web site or loan application process. Contact information is located on each lender’s Web site.

Wichita State University does not receive any monetary or material benefit for listing these lenders.

Lender List


Please contact the lender of your choice for current terms and conditions.


Lender Information


Phone Number & Website

Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU)
Lender Code: 500473
PO Box  97050
Seattle, WA 98124-9750

Discover Student Loans

Lender Code: 831312

PO Box 30947

Salt Lake City UT 84130-0947





Sallie Mae

Lender Code: 900905

P.O. Box 3320
Wilmington, DE 19804-4320





Wells Fargo Bank

Lender Code: 807176

Education Financial Services

301 E. 58th Street North

Sioux Falls, SD 57104-0422






Commerce Bank
Lender Code: 513979
P.O. Box 3319
Wilmington, DE 19804



Union Federal Savings Bank
Lender Code: 907798
1 Cabot Rd.
Medford, MA  02155  



SunTrust Bank
Lender Code: 911304
PO Box 848108
Boston, MA 02284-8108
Citizens Bank
Lender Code: 808140
475 Jefferson Blvd, RJS 295
Warwick, RI 02886

PNC Bank
Lender Code: 809921
2600 Liberty Ave Suite 200
Pittsburg PA 15222

College Avenue
Lender Code: 888111
1105 N. Market St
Wilmington, DE 19801

Thrivent Federal Credit Union
Lender ID: 930930
122 East College Avenue, Suite 1E
Appleton, WI 54911-5741 USA

Wright-Patt Credit Union
Lender Code: 500411
c/o Credit Union Student Choice
1001 Connecticut Avenue NW
Suite 1001
Washington, DC 20036

LendKey Student Loans
Lender Code: 911007
4445 Lake Forest Drive, Suite 350
Cincinnati, OH 45242

  Phone Number: 877-847-3964
Skyward Credit Union
Lender Code: 532498
P.O. Box 771069
Wichita, KS 67277-1069
  (620) 332-0228


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August 17th, 2017.