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Bradford Hall Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Dr. William M. Jardine

Bradford Hall attended Wichita University, but was often bored and distracted during classes. The universitys sixth president, Dr. William Jardine, was concerned and advised him to transfer to the University of Arizona, a place he might be better suited. While at Arizona, Mr. Hall blossomed as a student, eventually returning to WU where he earned his business degree in economics in 1959. Mr. Hall credits a lifetime of business successes to Dr. Jardine and his foresight to send him away. He later moved to San Francisco where he became a partner in the investment firm Wentworth Hauser and Violich in 1977.

After two decades, Mr. Hall returned to WSU and was so inspired that he established the Bradford Hall Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Dr. William. M. Jardine in 1998. He also served on the Foundations National Advisory Council.

Dr. Jardine was a former cabinet member in the administration of Calvin Coolidge. His WU presidency, from 1934-1949, encompassed the Great Depression, World War II and the post-war years.

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