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Byron W. Boothe Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Avid entrepreneur was what could be used to describe Mr. Byron Boothe, a Wichita native, whose drive and ambition led him to develop a national video chain, Popingo, which was franchised into 133 stores in 22 states.

An alumnus of Wichita State University, Mr. Boothe was described by his friend and fellow entrepreneur, Mr. Frank Carney, as having one of Wichita's most innovative business minds. In the 1970s, he developed the world's largest cooperative chain of pharmacies, with 2000 members in 43 states under the umbrella title of Associated Druggists. Mr. Boothe also was a seasoned leader, who served as a Chief Executive Officer for Target Inc., a publishing company in California. The entrepreneurship department of WSU also remembers the philosophies of the motivational speaker who inspired students in the department to think outside the box. He once said, "Some say, find a need and fill it. I say, create a want and serve it, and you're likely to get rich." Mr. Boothe passed away in 1989.

The Byron W. Boothe Endowed Memorial Scholarship was established in his honor to continue his legacy in training entrepreneurs.



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