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Sidney J. Brick Memorial Scholarship

Trailing the end of World War II, enrollment at the University of Wichita increased tremendously. As a result, the city was no longer able to support the university without charging a higher tuition than students paid at state schools. A battle led by President Harry Corbin, Judge Robert B. Morton and WU Regents Chairman Sidney J. Brick ensued to include WU in the state system. In 1963, their hard work paid off as the university was allowed admittance into the system.
Honoring his efforts, Mr. Brick, a 1931 graduate, received the Alumni Recognition Award in 1970. Following an instrumental history at the university and a successful career with Brick and Bell, he passed away in October 1984. To remember his life and present one last gift on his behalf to a grateful university, his family established the Sidney J. Brick Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to the top two student athletes on both the men’s and women’s bowling teams.

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