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Wayne and Frances Powers Brinegar Endowed Scholarship

Graduates of the University of Wichita, Frances Brinegar earned her bachelor’s degree in biology in 1951 and Wayne Brinegar earned his in geology in 1952. As was the case with many members of his family, Mr. Brinegar worked as a petroleum geologist. Mrs. Brinegar worked for an oil industry publishing company and, for a short time, worked in the office of the registrar at Wichita State.

The couple contributed greatly to the community as volunteers in a variety of organizations, including St. James Episcopal Church, Music Theatre of Wichita, Camp Fire Girls, Girl Scouts, Episcopal Services and Old Cowtown Museum. Mr. Brinegar died in 2005. Named for her and her late husband, Mrs. Brinegar and her daughter, Louise, established the Wayne and Frances Powers Brinegar Endowed Scholarship in 2009.

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