GEEKS Tutor Application Fall 2014

Wichita State University

College of Engineering

Please use this form to apply to tutor one of more of the subjects listed below for the Fall 2014 semester. Please keep in mind that preference is given to undergraduate students who have completed the courses they wish to tutor here at Wichita State University.

Calculus I, II, or III                                                            Data Structures & Algorithms
Differential Equations                                                       Circuits I
Engineering Physics I or II                                                Statics
University Physics I or II                                                   Dynamics
Intro to Digital Design                                                      Thermodynamics
Programing in C                                                              Engineering Economy


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English proficiency: Non-native speakers of English must complete one of the following:

1. Mimimum of 50 on the TSE (Test of Spoken English) Yes No 

2. Minimum TOEFL score of 23 YesNo 

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I am currently enrolled as a: Graduate Student Senior Junior Sophomore      Freshman 

Major: AerospaceBioengineering Computer or Electrical Engineering Technology Industrial Mechanical Other: 

My expected graduation date is: 

I am capable of tutoring and would like to tutor the following subjects: (NOTE: You may only tutor courses in which you have earned an A or a B.)

Calculus I                                                          
Calculus II                                                           
Calculus III                                                          
Differential Equations                                          
Physics I                                                             
Physics II  
Programming in C  Data Structures & Algorithms
Intro to Programming for Engineers
Circuits I
Engineering Economy
Intro to Digital Design


Did you earn an A or B in all the courses selected above? Yes 

Semesters I will be available to tutor: Fall 2014 Spring 2014 

If you have previous tutoring experience, please provide details including where you tutored and what subjects you tutored. 

Have you been previously employed by Wichita State University? Yes No 

Are you currently employed by Wichita State University? YesNo 

Please provide at least two reference (WSU faculty member, or WSU employer/supervisor).

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