General Education Program

Answers to common questions

Definition of I&P Component of General Education

The category of courses identified as Issues and Perspectives is conceived as a way of addressing the need for a component in general education that exposes students to certain valuable but non-canonical subjects and methodologies. More>>

How to Design an Issues and Perspective Course: A Guide for Faculty

 An Issues and Perspectives course is an upper division course, the final segment of General Education. The skills and information gained from the General Education courses, as well as courses in the major should allow the student to tackle a broad range of issues in a sophisticated manner. A student is required to take at least one but no more than two I&P courses.

Guidelines for Further Studies Courses

Prerequisites for Further Study courses should not include courses outside the General Education Program. For each Further Study course, departments must specify the Introductory course or courses that it follows. More>>

General Education Writing Component Style Sheet

For most General Education courses the writing component is an extremely important element in distinguishing the course as a part of the program. More>>

General Education Library Skills

To be productive citizens and lifelong learners, students must be able to locate and use information to make decisions, solve problems, and to continue to grow. The purpose of the library skills component of the General Education program is to give students opportunities for independent learning/research experiences in the library. More>>

General Education Numerical Component Style Sheet

Numerical component style sheet is designed to help all those who are planning to develop a course for the general education curriculum. More>>

Course Activation

To maintain Wichita State University's strength in meeting the needs of advisors and students there is policy, rationale and procedure for inactivation and reactivation of general education courses. More>>