General Education Program

General Education Writing Component Style Sheet:

Including a Writing Component in a General Education Course

The following suggestion suggestions are designed to help all those who are planning to develop a course for the General Education curriculum. These basic elements MUST be included in order for a course to be considered by the General Education committee.

Keep in mind that these requirements are necessary to analyze a course for a very specific program.

Purpose : For most General Education courses the writing component is an extremely important element in distinguishing the course as a part of the program.

In order to determine if a course meets the requirements to qualify as a General Education Course, specific information must be provided in the sample syllabus provided with the application.

  1. Clarify what writing activities will be required in the course.

    • midterm and final essay exam
    • research paper
    • bibliographical essay
    • project
  2. Indicate in the grading segment what percentage of the grade each activity will constitute in the final grade.

    • 25% Term paper
    • 20% essay exam
  3. Discuss the requirements of the writing activity.

    • address sources
    • length
    • or purpose of writing
    • Failure to include this basic information will result in the return of your application.