Registration and Costs - Field Camp (current as of 2017)


Our field program is competitively priced compared to other schools running field camps in the Bighorn Basin. Student costs for this 6-hour credit course includes:

  1. Field School fee
  2. WSU tuition and fees, and
  3. Equipment and other expenses.

1. Field School Fee

  • Fee for both resident and non-resident undergrad student is estimated to be $2,200
  • Fee covers staffing, transportation, lodging, supplies, meals, and equipment.

2. WSU Tuition

  • For current tuition and university fees, please see the university Tuition and Fees webpage HERE.

3. Equipment and Other Expenses

  • Please see list of required equipment and suggested items to bring to camp (HERE)


  • Tuition and fees are subject to change dependent on university tuition structure, changing facility rental costs and number of enrolled students.