Through the generosity of its alumni and industry supporters, the Geology Department proudly awards more than $20,000 annually in scholarships and awards to qualified undergraduate majors and graduate students. Go HERE to view more information about scholarship awards and requirements. 

  • Al Reid Endowed Scholarship
  • Arthur W. Gibson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Charles R. Mayfield Scholarship
  • Claud L. Sheats, Jr. Environmental Science Endowed Fellowship
  • Daniel F. Merriam Fellowship
  • Diana Scott Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Donald A. Phillips Award for Excellence in Mineralogy
  • Donald L. Hellar and Gwendolyn I. Hellar Endowed Geology Scholarship
  • E. K. Edmiston Endowed Scholarship in Geology
  • Harold L. Steincamp Scholarship/Fellowship
  • James and Mary Loise Tasheff Endowed Scholarship in Geology
  • John H., Sr. and Mary B. Tatlock Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Larry D. Ricks Scholarship
  • Lee H. Cornell Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Paul and Ruth Tasch Endowment (Scholarship)
  • Walter A. Ver Wiebe Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Wichita Gem and Mineral Society Scholarship