How to Apply for Graduate Admission – International Students

Applicants for Fall 2017, follow the instructions below.  Applicants for Spring 2018 and future terms, please click here.

STEP 1 – View Our Deadlines and Program Information  

STEP 2 – Apply Online and Pay the Application Fee by Credit Card

  • Note there are two choices for international applicants – either regular airmail or express mail.  The difference between the two application types is only in how we will send your final decision documents to you.  If you choose regular airmail, you will pay the standard $65 application fee, and your final decision documents will be sent to you by regular airmail.  If you choose express mail, you will be charged an additional $60 ($125 total), and your final decision documents will be sent to you by express mail. 
  • Need another way to pay the application fee?  See our How to Pay page.
  • The application fee cannot be waived or deferred, and is non-refundable.

STEP 3 – Obtain Official Transcripts and Degree Certification

  • We require official transcripts from ALL schools you attended following completion of your secondary (high school) education.  This includes institutes, colleges, universities, etc.  Please follow the link above for details on what is required.
  • To be considered for admission, students must have a Bachelor's degree from a Regionally-accredited institution in the US, or from a similarly recognized foreign institution.
  • Bachelor's degrees from foreign institutions generally must be at least 4 years in length to be acceptable for admission consideration. 
  • 3 year degrees from the UK are acceptable, as are 3 year degrees from schools who have implemented the Bologna Process.
  • 3 year degrees from India are acceptable IF the degree-granting institution has an accreditation grade of "A" from the NAAC.
  • WSU Transcripts do NOT need to be requested - we will access your WSU work, as well as any work already transferred to WSU and a part of your official record.

STEP 4 – Print and Complete a Certification of Financial Support

  • You can wait to submit this form until you know if you will be offered admission, or submit it along with your other application materials.

STEP 5 – Determine if you meet the English Proficiency Requirement

  • You can still apply if you don't meet the requirement.  We will first determine if you are academically admissible by reviewing your transcripts and any required departmental materials.  If you are found admissible, you will then have to provide the Financial Support documentation and meet the English Proficiency requirement in order for your admission to be finalized. 

STEP 6 – Upload Your Documents 

  • Make sure to read and follow the directions closely to ensure we are able to process your materials in a timely manner.

STEP 7 – Send Your Official Test Scores

  • If you uploaded your test scores, don’t forget that you must still have your official test scores sent to us directly from the examination company. (create page that lists how to contact the agencies)

STEP 8 – Update Your Email Address Book

  • Most communication from WSU will be through email – so please add the domain "@wichita.edu" as a safe sender, so our emails won’t get lost in a junk mail or spam folder. 
  • We will email you when we process your application, and to update you on your status once we’ve reviewed your application materials.

STEP 9 – Bring Your Official Transcripts with You to Wichita

  • If you electronically submitted your transcripts and are accepted for admission, you will need to bring your official transcripts (in English) with you when you travel to Wichita.  Please review the official transcripts link for details on what we will accept as official documents.