CITI Information

Beginning in Fall 2012, departments were asked to require all newly admitted Doctoral students to complete Professional and Scholarly Integrity Training (PSIT) as a part of their degree requirements.  Beginning in Fall 2013, the same will be required for all Master's and Specialist students.  Departments were given the choice of how this PSIT requirement was to be fulfilled.  Some have added an additional course to their curriculum, some have added additional topics to a course already required, and some departments have chosen to require the completion of certain modules of the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program to meet the PSIT requirement. 

For students whose program requires the completion of the CITI modules, students should first contact their department to ascertain which modules should be completed.  Once that has been determined, the student should then fill out the WSU CITI registration form (link below).   This MUST be completed in order for the results to be reported to the department.  After filling out the WSU CITI registration form, students should follow the instructions (link below) to visit the CITI site itself to enroll in the online modules.

WSU CITI Registration Form

Instructions for Enrolling in CITI courses