Graduate Fellowships

All applicants who qualify for admission to the Graduate School may apply to their program chairperson or the dean of their college for information on graduate fellowships, cooperative education internships, assistantships and departmental scholarships. 

Students wishing to be considered for assistantships, fellowships, or other forms of financial awards should indicate their interest to their graduate coordinator or department chair as soon as possible after notification of admission.

Fellowships are awarded to a limited number of graduate students in good academic standing who are admitted to a program of study leading to a doctoral degree and to certain programs at the master's level. Awards are made primarily on the basis of the academic achievement and potential of the student as a degree candidate. Credentials including transcripts of all previous academic work, scores on national or local exams, experience related to the field of study, and evaluations by former teachers, advisors, or employers are used in determining the awards. Selections are made on a competitive basis without regard to race, creed, sex, or national origin and are generally announced by April 15 for the following fall. Award amounts are determined by the individual program area.