Graduate Degree Programs 

The Graduate School provides opportunities to pursue advanced study in more than 40 master's programs; one educational specialist program; twelve doctoral programs - two of which are 1st professional degrees; and 20 graduate certificate programs.  A complete listing of degree programs and the individual program fact sheets are available in the table below.  The program name appears on the far left - click the program name to view the fact sheet in pdf format.  The middle column contains a link to the program website.  The final column contains the name of the contact person for that program - click the name to send an email to that person. The program fact sheets are updated each year during the Summer, following the release of the new Graduate Catalog. 

The Graduate Degree Programs Summary sheet link below contains a pdf that provides an overview of all graduate degree programs offered, and a brief summary of their individual admission requirements.  Of course, viewing the individual fact sheet will provide more detailed information.  The summary sheet is updated several times throughout the year, as needed.  

The phone number listed is the last four digits.  The complete number is: 316-978-xxxx.


Program Web Contact Phone
Accounting - MAcc   Web Michael Flores 3724
Aerospace Engineering - PhD
MS to PhD
BS to PhD
  Web Dr. Klaus Hoffmann 3410
Aerospace Engineering - MS   Web Dr. Kamran Rokhsaz 3410
Aging Studies
(Online - one track, administration, is offered on-ground)
  Web Dr. Nicole Rogers 3060
Anthropology - MA   Web Dr. David Hughes 3195
Audiology - AuD   Web Dr, Julie Scherz 3240
Biological Sciences - MS   Web Dr. Leland Russell 3111
Biomedical Engineering - MS     Web Dr. Anil Mahapatro 7582
Business Administration - MBA   Web Liz McLain 3230
Business Administration - Executive MBA   Web Liz McLain 3230
Chemistry - PhD   Web Dr. Dennis Burns 3120
Chemistry - MS   Web Dr. Dennis Burns 3120
Communication - MA   Web Dr. Lisa Parcell 3185
Communication Sciences and Disorders - PhD   Web Dr. Anthony DiLollo 3240
Communication Sciences and Disorders - MA   Web Dr. Douglas Parham 3240
Computer Networking - MS   Web Dr. Huzefa Kagdi 3156
Computer Science - MS   Web Dr. Huzefa Kagdi 3156
Counseling - MEd   Web Dr. Susan Bray 3326
Creative Writing - MFA   Web Dr. Margaret Dawe 3130
Criminal Justice - MA
(Program offered Online and on campus)
  Web Dr. Yumi Suzuki 7200
Earth, Environmental, and Physical Sciences - MS   Web Dr. Bill Bischoff 7204
Economics - MA   Web Dr. Philip Hersch 3220
Educational Leadership - EdD   Web Dr. Jean Patterson 3325
Educational Leadership - MEd   Web Dr. Kristin Sherwood 3325
Educational Leadership - District Leadership Licensure   Web Dr. Craig Elliott 3325
Educational Psychology - MEd   Web Dr. Marlene Schommer-Aikins 3326

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - PhD
MS to PhD
BS to PhD

  Web Dr. Huzefa Kagdi 3156
Electrical Engineering - MS   Web Dr. Yanwu Ding 3156
Engineering Management - MEM   Web Dr. Krishna Krishnan 3425
English - MA   Web Dr. Rebeccah Bechtold 3130
Exercise Science - MEd   Web Dr. Michael Rogers 3340
Management Science and Supply Chain Management - MS  Web Dr. Mehmet Barut 6930
History - MA   Web Dr. Robert Owens 3150
Industrial Engineering - PhD
MS to PhD
BS to PhD 
  Web Dr. Krishna Krishnan 3425
Industrial Engineering - MS   Web Dr. Krishna Krishnan 3425
Innovation Design - MID  Web Dr. Jeremy Patterson 3010

Learning and Instructional Design - MEd
(Program offered both online & on campus)

Web Dr. Mara Alagic 3322
Liberal Studies - MALS   Web Dr. Jeffrey Hershfield 7883
Mathematics - PhD   Web Dr. Ziqi Sun 3160
Mathematics - MS   Web Dr. Ziqi Sun 3160

Mechanical Engineering - PhD
MS to PhD
BS to PhD

  Web Dr. T.S. Ravi 3402
Mechanical Engineering - MS   Web Dr. T.S. Ravi 3402
Music - MM   Web Dr. Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn 3103
Music Education - MME   Web Dr. Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn 3103
Nursing - MSN   Web Dr. Alicia Huckstadt 3610
Nursing Practice - DNP
MSN to DNP program offered entirely online
BSN to DNP program offered mostly online
  Web Dr. Alicia Huckstadt 3610
Physical Therapy - DPT   Web Dr. Robert Manske 3604
Physician Assistant - MPA   Web Debra Purdy 5684
Physics - MS   Web Dr. Mathew Muether 8347
Psychology - PhD   Web Dr. Louis Medvene 3170
Public Administration - MPA
Program offered both online and on campus
  Web Dr. Sam Yeager 7240
School Psychology - EdS   Web Dr. Jody Fiorini 3326
Social Work - MSW   Web Dr. Fred Besthorn 7250
Sociology - MA   Web Dr. Twyla Hill 3280
Spanish - MA   Web Dr. Rocio del Aguila-Carreno 3180

Special Education - MEd

Gifted, High Incidence, and Low Incidence all offered online
Early Childhood Unified is offered on campus only.

  Web Dr. Donna Sayman 3322
Sport Management - MEd   Web Dr. Wonyoung Kim 5449
Studio Art - MFA (Ceramics, Painting, Photo Media, Printmaking, Sculpture)   Web Levente Sulyok 3555

Teaching - MAT
       ECU Residency    
       Transition to Teaching (T2T)


Dr. Janice Ewing
Dr. Jim Granada (T2T)