Graduate Program Assessment

Graduate programs are required to complete an annual Program Assessment, an internal process for program improvement completed by the graduate faculty in the program and administered by the graduate coordinator.  This review is based on a position statement approved by the Graduate Council on 2/7/02.  Each program has a program assessment plan on file in the Graduate School and submits an annual report on the status of the program.  More details about the assessment of programs can be found here.

Part of assessment requires statistical information, which is usually requested through the Graduate School.  In order to aid departments in gathering that data, the Graduate School Productivity Measures document is now published to the web.  Due to the size of the document, it is recommended that you download and save this document to your computer.

Productivity Measures

Student Exit Survey results are also available online.

In order to review past assessment plans that were completed in your area, please visit the University's Assessment of Student Learning web page.