Graduate Faculty

The graduate faculty consists of the university president, the provost and vice president for academic affairs, the deans of the Graduate School, deans of academic colleges, dean of the Honors College, dean of the Libraries, and regular faculty members nominated and approved for graduate faculty status. 

Members of the graduate faculty at Wichita State University, by virtue of their qualifications, contribute to graduate education by teaching and advising graduate students; by guiding master’s theses and doctoral dissertations; by participating in examinations and evaluations; by engaging in a program of research, scholarship or creative activity; and by sharing in the administration of their programs and in the governance of the Graduate School.

At Wichita State University, regular faculty are not automatically members of the graduate faculty. Department faculty request membership on the graduate faculty by submitting an application with a current academic resume. Applications are reviewed and acted upon by the departmental committee, academic dean and the graduate dean.  Nomination forms for initial appointment and renewal of appointment of Graduate Faculty status are available on the Graduate School web page.

There are four categories of Graduate Faculty membership in Wichita State University.  Candidates for Graduate Faculty membership must meet all department specific criteria and the university specified eligibility criteria.  A summary of university specified eligibility requirements and duties and responsibilities for each category of graduate faculty membership is provided below.  A detailed description is provided in Section 5.12 of the Policies and Procedures Manual of the university.

Graduate Faculty-1 (GF-1): Eligibility - tenured or tenure-track WSU faculty with Assistant Professor or higher rank and possess terminal degree in the discipline or its equivalent in training and/or experience (documentation is required when equivalency is claimed from a combination of training and experience).  Duties and responsibilities - teach graduate courses, serve on master's and doctoral committees, chair master's thesis committee, co-chair specific doctoral dissertation committee with the approval of the Doctoral Sub-council as long as the committee chair holds a Graduate Faculty-2 status, and mentor graduate students.

Graduate Faculty-2 (GF-2): Eligibility - hold Graduate Faculty-1 (GF-1) status, demonstrated continuing  scholarly/creative activity commensurate with being an established scholar in his/her discipline, and demonstrated successful mentoring of graduate students, including supervision of  completed thesis/dissertation and serving on thesis/dissertation committees.  Duties and responsibilities - all duties and responsibilities of GF-1and chair doctoral dissertation committee.

Graduate Faculty-3 (GF-3):  Eligibility - (a) WSU Faculty (who do not meet eligibility requirement for GF-1 or GF-2) or Adjunct Faculty, or (b) WSU Emeritus Faculty, or (c) Qualified by education and/or professionally recognized for scholarly/creative achievement (for example, nationally/internationally recognized scholar/creative artist), or (d) Graduate faculty in another accredited institution of post-secondary education; and there is departmental need.  Duties and responsibilities - teach graduate courses, serve on master's and doctoral committees, co-chair specific master's committee (with the approval of the Graduate Dean as long as the committee chair holds a GF-1 or GF-2 status) or doctoral committee (with the approval of the Doctoral Sub-council as long as the committee chair holds a GF-2 status), and mentor graduate students.  Note - limitation of duties based on qualification may be imposed by the Graduate Dean.

Graduate Faculty-4 (GF-4):  Eligibility - earned master's degree or more advanced degree, possess academic/professional experience, and there is departmental need.  Duties and responsibilities - teach courses for graduate credit up to a level supported by their academic credentials. 
All nominations for Graduate Faculty status must originate from an academic department of Wichita State University.   The interpretation of the eligibility criteria at the discipline level is the responsibility of the departmental graduate faculty.  Departmental committees submit (for the Graduate Dean’s approval) discipline-specific criteria for each membership category that clearly state what relevant activities warrant the granting of membership, in terms of quality and quantity. 

A complete listing of graduate faculty is available in the Graduate School web page and in the Graduate School office. Students are advised to consult this list when selecting faculty advisers for theses and dissertations.