Graduate Faculty

The graduate faculty consists of the University president, the vice president for academic affairs, the deans of the Graduate School and  academic colleges, and regular faculty members nominated and approved for graduate faculty status.

At Wichita State University, regular faculty are not automatically members of the graduate faculty. Department faculty request membership on the graduate faculty by submitting an application with a current academic resume. Applications are reviewed and acted upon by the departmental committee, academic dean and the graduate dean. Regular faculty are normally appointed either as full members or as associate members, while adjunct faculty are appointed in the acting ad hoc category.  Full members of the graduate faculty who work in doctoral programs are reviewed by the Doctoral Program Sub-Council for the privilege of chairing doctoral dissertations.

The graduate faculty at Wichita State University, by virtue of their qualifications, contribute to graduate education by teaching and advising graduate students; by guiding master's theses and doctoral dissertations; by participating in examinations and evaluations; by engaging in a program of research, scholarship, or creative activity; and by sharing in the administration of their programs and in the governance of the Graduate School. All regular graduate faculty hold the terminal degree in their discipline.

Full membership reflects the highest level of scholarly attainment and is defined as regular faculty ranking above instructor, with substantial interest in graduate education, and for whom a demonstrable departmental or program need exists.  Faculty nominated for membership in this category shall be expected to hold the terminal degree or its equivalent in training and/or experience (with criteria and documentation supplied in cases for which equivalency is claimed) and be judged qualified to bear all designated academic responsibilities of the graduate program (s) in which they serve.  It is expected that significant scholarly and/or artistic or creative achievement will be evident in the academic and professional resume presented in support of nominations and renewals for full membership in the graduate faculty.

Full members of the graduate faculty are the only faculty eligible to chair thesis committees.  Full membership in the graduate faculty is also a prerequisite for doctoral dissertation chairing status.

Doctoral Dissertation Chairing Status is defined as full membership on the graduate faculty along with a demonstrable departmental or program need for the faculty member to hold dissertation chairing status. Substantial and sustained scholarly and/or artistic or creative achievement over the most recent five to seven years will be evident in the resumes of faculty nominated for this category.  The extent of previous experience in serving on and supervising theses and/or dissertation committees, at WSU or elsewhere, will also enter into the consideration of dissertation chairing status and should be reflected in the resume accompanying the nomination.

Graduate Faculty Associate membership is available to adjunct faculty whose relationship with an academic department exceeds the usual visiting or joint appointment type of association.  Nominations for membership in this category  must be accompanied by a detailed statement of the nominee's involvement with the department, including the extent to which they the nominee will interact with regular faculty; and be involved in department affairs; and be engaged in teaching, advising, and supervising student, and research.  Other criteria are the same as for the full membership category.  Appointments to this category are for one year and are renewable upon request by the department.

Acting Ad hoc membership is defined as regular faculty or participating faculty in various temporary or part-time assignments.  Nominees are judged qualified to teach graduate level courses according to academic and or professional experience.  Appointment may not exceed the term of one year, but can be considered for annual renewal.

A complete listing of graduate faculty is available in the Graduate School Office. Departmental lists are available in the main office of each department. Students are advised to consult this list when selecting faculty advisers for theses and dissertations.