Applying to GRASP

 We will be trying something new this year and abstracts will be due Feb. 2nd, 2018. Good luck with your research and we hope to see you at GRASP 2018. Please note that GRASP 2018 is a poster presentation (only).  

Graduate students from any WSU department are eligible to apply to participate in the annual Graduate Research and Scholarly Projects (GRASP) symposium. All applicants must submit an abstract of their research by the Spring deadline. The Editorial Board will review the abstracts and select participants. At the GRASP event in April, posters will be judged and winners will be awarded prizes. Abstracts will be published in the GRASP program and the Shocker Open Access Repository (SOAR).

Students should work with their advisor in the application process and when preparing their poster presentation.

Prepare Your Abstract

Your abstract should reflect the standards in your field. To accomodate this, we have two abstract templates that you should choose from. You should consult with your advisor to make sure you are using the best template for your field. Please remember that the overall GRASP audience is not experts in your field.

Templates are provided here.

If you are looking for general inspiration or just want to see what others have done in the past, you can review previous years' abstracts in SOAR.

Submit Your Abstract

The deadline for abstracts is February 2, 2018. You will need the following information to submit: name, WSUID, and email; department/program; research advisor's name and email; abstract title; co-author's names (if any).

Please note that the person who submits the proposal will receive all communications from GRASP. It will be their responsibility to forward information to co-authors.

Note: the submittal form will lose the formatting from your MS Word document. Save your MS Word file for use later.