To participate in recruitment:

   1. Complete the Go Greek recruitment form.
   2. Contact the fraternity you are interested in through the links on this website.
    3. Attend as many recruitment events as you can.
    4. Ask questions about the process, financial obligations, the time required, community service, athletics, academics, benefits, etc.
    5. Choose the chapter that fits you and what you are looking for in a fraternity.
    6. Sign a bid card for membership with the chapter of your choice.
    7. Find out the time and location of the first meeting for new members of the chapter you have chosen to associate with.

Interfraternity Council Recruitment

The Interfraternity Council offers open recruitment year round. 

Wichita State's Greek community prides itself on contributing to the University's high academic standards. Individual chapters focus on academic excellence by holding study hours at their chapter facilities and university libraries, conducting intra-chapter peer advising, and by awarding scholarships to successful members.

Additionally, Greeks compete for group academic honors such as winning the IFC and WPA scholarship cups. All chapters require members to maintain a minimum grade point averages to remain in good standing and offer support to help them to do this.

For all these efforts, the all-Greek grade point average is higher than the all-student grade point average.

Therefore, since the purpose of the University is education, Greeks help promote and further this purpose in all their activities: to nurture intellectual curiosity, to instruct in various disciplines, to encourage social and moral growth, and to provide an atmosphere conducive to the pursuit of these goals. It is the responsibility of fraternities and sororities to foster an atmosphere of learning, social responsibility, respect for human dignity, and to provide positive influence and constructive development for members and prospective members.


Leadership Development through Greek Involvement

Leadership is an important component of any Greek organization. In addition to hands-on practice in dealing with people and organizations, members are often also given the opportunity to attend leadership development institutes hosted by their fraternity’s national chapter.

These national leadership development initiatives focus on individuals and communities and allow members to grow intellectually and personally. Events such as the Beta Theta Pi Institute for Men of Principle or the Sigma Phi Epsilon Ruck Leadership Institute give members the chance to travel across the country, learn more about their respective organizations, and most importantly, learn how to lead and inspire others. These skills are valuable, and can be applied in all professions and fields.

Inside the chapter, leadership development is always important. Chapter members must work together to compete in campus competitions, manage chapter properties, recruit new members, control finances, communicate with current members and alumni, fundraise, and generally keep the organization on track. The chapter leadership oversees this entire process, and the experiences gained by accepting a chapter leadership role can be very rewarding.

As a component of the member’s college experience, being involved in Greek life brings multi-discipline learning and hands-on experience to the academic learning the University provides. It is this unique combination that is available in Greek Life.


Health, Fitness, and Intramural Sports in the Greek Community

Any member of the Greek community and Wichita State University has the opportunity to participate in Intramural Sports on teams organized by the respective fraternities. In the fraternity league, the houses compete in friendly games and earn points to determine who will win the IFC All-Sports trophy, awarded at the annual Spring Greek Convocation.

These activities promote student health and wellness, and bring the Greek community together in competition. It is a common theme in all the IFC organizations that healthy living is an important aspect of success. This concern for health is also seen in the activities sponsored by the respective houses on campus. Each organization makes certain that members are kept safe at all times, and the leadership of each chapter places a high value on maintaining this emphasis on safety and wellness.

Intramural sports offered throughout the year at WSU include:

Tennis Doubles
Home-Run Derby
Flag Football
Court Volleyball

Visit the WSU Intramural Sports homepage for more information about these exciting WSU activities!

Social Opportunities through Greek Life

The social aspects of fraternal living at Wichita State add another unique facet to the college experience. Members of fraternities and sororities have frequent opportunities to interact at events sponsored throughout the year, including Greek relations events, date parties, and on-campus functions sponsored by the Student Activities Council.

The other side of social interaction in the Greek community is philanthropy. Organizations hold their own community service events and encourage members to get involved on an individual basis. These charitable activities not only provide valuable opportunities for interaction with the community, but also establish a basis for community-conscious behavior in the future. National surveys have found that Greek members are more likely to volunteer during adulthood.

Within the past several years, Wichita State's Greek community has made a continued effort to offer students a safe social environment. Wichita State has instituted risk management policies that aim to combine fun with responsibility. The recent tragedies at other universities have shown the importance of keeping social activities safe, and IFC is contantly working to keep all members safe. All of our sorority houses, and several of our fraternity houses, have adopted policies which prohibit alcohol and other items in their houses.

So in all things, Greek organizations advocate responsible functions and provide a variety of activities for their members, including formal dances, date parties, educational and cultural events, and philanthropies.


Career Development through Greek Life

Each Greek organization at WSU has a large group of alumni which can provide the student with career networking and job experience. Members of houses can contact alumni in their field, and often gain coveted internship positions or other work experience in some of the country’s most respected companies. Alumni can also facilitate workshops on finance, job-hunting, and interviews; all these things give our members a competitive edge in today’s tight market.

Personal money management and finance is an important aspect of Greek life as well. Chapters collect dues and membership fees from every member. Most groups have one-time initiation fees, plus monthly dues. Dues are spent on social events, scholarship programming, membership recruitment, chapter house renovations and capital improvements, administrative costs, and parent/alumni programming. Historically, room and board costs for many chapter houses are less than or equal to that of University residence halls. Most chapters offer payment plans and scholarships to help their members meet their financial obligations. The fraternities are always willing to help their members learn to budget, cut costs, and learn important finance skills. All of these skills are useful later in life, and are taught through Greek living.