Application for IFC Expansion

JPEG ImageApplication open: 5/12/14

Application deadline: 5/23/14

Interviews if needed: 6/9/14 - 6/13/14

Announcement of selection: 6/16/14

The selected applicant will be given until July 1st to accept the offer. If they choose to decline, the second highest scoring applicant will be extended an offer to expand.

The application is structured in the following manner:

Contact Information

I. Expansion Procedure

II. Basic Information

III. Required materials of the interested organization

Contact Information

Name of Fraternity



Contact Person

Your E-mail Address:

Name, Phone, & Email of (Inter)national Contact (If different than above)

I. Expansion Procedure

A. Procedure:

1. Complete expansion application.

2. After review of the applications, the Expansion Committee may choose to invite applicants to interview (in person or remotely) and give a presentation.

3. Applications will be reviewed and scored based on criteria established in Section III. Scores will be shared with applicants individually as well as relative to other applications.

4. Each year the Interfraternity Council will decide whether or not to enact the expansion process by March1st. When enacted, the Expansion Committee is charged with selecting a single fraternity to establish a chapter in the following academic year. Notification will be given to the selected fraternity no later than June 16th.

5. The selected fraternity will coordinate the schedule and details of the expansion process with the IFC Expansion Committee for the subsequent Fall semester.

6. Upon selection of new members, the selected fraternity will be asked to file a local constitution and bylaws, list of officers, and faculty/staff advisor with the Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life in Student Involvement.

7. The selected fraternity will become a Petitioning Member of the Interfraternity Council and will gain Full Membership upon receiving full charter from their headquarters.

B. Support from the Interfraternity Council and Student Involvement:

1. "No bid" list

2. List of current incoming freshmen, including contact information

3. Meeting space in the Greek Life work room

4. Reservation of University facilities

5. Internet access

6. Parking permit

7. Student Union meal vouchers

8. Lodging at one of the existing chapter houses (if available)

9. University advertising guidelines and procedures

10. List of relevant contact information, including fraternity and sorority chapter and council presidents, Student Body President, various campus administrators

11. Useful information about local vendors and venues (i.e. florists, restaurants, shops, and event venues)

II. Basic Information

A. Relevant information about Wichita State University:

B. Applicant Information

1. Cover letter including a commitment agreeing to follow all Interfraternity Council policies and procedures. This should clearly include acceptance of the Committee’s decision of which applicant is selected. And, if the applicant is not accepted, to forgo any attempt to create a new chapter by fostering interest or accepting overtures from students seeking to start a chapter at Wichita State until invited to do so through the process outlined here. Please email your cover letter to wsuifcpresident@gmail.com

2. Adherence to the Wichita State University Code of Conduct requirements and agreement that the prospective chapter will meet the minimum standards outlined in this document prior to chartering.

Please check this box indicating agreement

3. Compliance with all University policies and guidelines including but not limited to those related to social events, alcohol, hazing, new member/intake activities and facility operations (if applicable).

Please check this box indicating agreement

4. Confirmation of ability to establish an alumni/volunteer board consisting of no fewer than 5 members committed to no less than 2 years of service to the chapter each residing within 3 hours of campus.



5. Have you already secured the commitment of an alumnus or volunteer willing to serve as primary chapter advisor who resides within 90 minutes of campus? If so, please list their contact information below.

6. In the text box below, please include an outline of the organization’s expansion process including:

a. a monthly timeline detailing staff and volunteer support from the national organization

b. advertising plan

c. membership eligibility standards

d. growth plan with anticipated membership numbers for the first 4 semesters

7. Please detail your chartering requirements with a timeline outlining when necessary requirements will be met.

8. Information regarding the 3-5 most recent expansion efforts (including the chapter’s current status). Please provide contact information for campus professionals willing to serve as references.

9. National governing documents and any policies applicable to undergraduate colonies and chapters (Please email these documents to wsuifcpresident@gmail.com).

10. General information regarding the fraternity including:

a. Brief history with description of the organization’s founding values and principles

b. The inter/national organization’s Statement of Purpose

c. Expectations of members (including fees and dues)

h. Confirmation of insurance for the inter/national organization’s general liability policy with a minimum of one million dollars in coverage (Please email document(s) to wsuifcpresident@gmail.com)



i. Confirmation of the organization’s 501(c)(7) tax status (Please email document(s) to wsuifcpresident@gmail.com)



k. Total number of initiated members

l. Total number of current undergraduate members

m. Total number of living alumni within 100 miles of Wichita, Kansas

n. Current expansions with starting date and expected date of chartering

o. List of chapters closed during the last three 3 years, including causes

III. Application Scoring (total 100 points)

A. Active Chapters (5 points)

  • List of collegiate chapters

  • Highlight successes of chapters in the state of Kansas and general region

  • Average chapter size (highlight size of chapters in Kansas)

  • Total number of colonizations during the past 5 years, including where, number chartered, number failed (reasons behind closures)

  • Has there even been a chapter at Wichita State University? What years was it active?

  • What is required of a chapter to remain in “good standing”? What are the most frequent causes of poor standing?

  • Describe the process by which the organization works with chapters that are struggling.

  • List the institutions in Kansas where the organization has chapters.

B. (Inter)national Support (20 points)

  • Explain the inter/national support structure.
  • What is the procedure/schedule for chapter visitation?
  • What is the national organization’s approach to working with the host campus (Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Involvement staff, University administration, etc.)?
  • Describe the staff support available to a group during the colonization period.
  • Describe the staff support available once the group is a fully chartered chapter.
  • Describe volunteer structure in place to support group during colonization period.

C. Academics (5 points)

  • What percent of chapters rank above the all male averages at their respective institutions?

  • How will scholarship and academic performance be promoted?

  • What academic support, resources and expectations exist at the chapter and individual member level? (Not scholarship dollars, but support)

  • How many national awards are given to individuals, and chapters for academic performance?

  • Is the inter/national organization supported by a 501(c)(3) Educational Foundation? If so, what types of programs does this Foundation support?

  • How many scholarships are available to members? How much annual funding is offered in total for undergraduates? For graduate work?

D. New member education program (5 points)

  • Outline the new member education/membership intake program

  • What resources are provided to chapters for use in training new members? In what format do they exist? (Online hosted? Paper? Electronic?)

  • What new member education is conducted by the inter/national fraternity (as opposed to that done at the local level)? Please briefly describe new member educational initiatives learning outcomes and structure?

E. Risk Management Program (15 points)

  • Briefly describe the inter/national organization's risk management policies

  • Briefly describe the inter/national risk management educational programs

  • What is the inter/national procedure for handling violations of this policy?

  • How many chapters have been closed in the past five years?

F. Alumni & Volunteer Support (15 points)

  • How many alumni live within 50 miles and 100 miles of the Wichita metropolitan area? Is there a local alumni chapter?

  • How will you establish significant and long-term support of a chapter at Wichita State University?

  • What is the average number of active volunteers supporting each chapter?

  • What training and support is provided to chapter volunteers?

  • How many chapters have non-member volunteers? Approximately how many total non-member volunteers support the inter/national fraternity or chapter level initiatives?

  • What, if any, policy exists toward women advising chapters?

G. Membership Development (10 points)

  • What is the inter/national organization's support of or direct educational programs on the following topics:
    • Academic success
    • Leadership
    • Values clarification & alignment
    • Personal finance
    • Substance abuse
    • Men’s health
    • Sexual health
    • Sexual assault
    • Bystander behavior

  • How often does the inter/national organization sponsor national and regional conferences/conventions containing educational programming for members? Are subsidies provided for local chapters to attend?

H. Community Service & Philanthropy (10 points)

  • Describe how philanthropy is approached at the chapter and international levels

  • Describe how service is approached at the chapter and international levels

  • What statistics are maintained for chapter participation in both service and philanthropy?

  • What individual, chapter and alumni awards are given out for excellence in service and philanthropy?

I. Recruitment and Chartering (15 points)

  • How will representatives of the inter/national organization be involved in the recruitment and selection of the chartering group?

  • What are minimum membership expectations to remain a colony?

  • What are minimum membership expectations to charter?

  • What is the timetable for colonization and chartering?

  • What is the maximum length of time a colony may remain in colony status?

  • What kind of support is provided to colonies?


Applicants will receive a response upon submission of this online form and supporting documents. If additional information is needed, a request will be sent to the contact person listed.