Professor Emeritus Donald Douglas passed away on January 15, 2013.  Professor Douglas taught modern European history, focusing on German history, at Wichita State University for 35 years.   His rigorous courses on Hitler and the Third Reich and on the Holocaust were important offerings for undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of History.  His colorful demeanor in the classroom inspired a generation of students to continue study in 20th century Central European history.  His presence in department meetings often cut to the core of issues being debated, often serving as the “conscience” of the department in matters related to maintaining high academic standards for our graduates.  His professional interest in the Holocaust made him a driving force behind the annual Wichita Holocaust commemorations, and he served as the Kansas Liaison to the U.S. Holocaust Commission.  He made important contributions to Holocaust history by recording extensive personal interviews with Holocaust survivors who subsequently migrated to Kansas.