A Word from the Director

I received my B.A. in 1JPEG Image991 from the Elliott School of Communication at Wichita State University and obtained my M.Ed. in 1999 from the Administration, Counseling, Educational and School Psychology Program at WSU.

I began as the Program Counselor at McNair Scholars Program's inception and remained in that position for six years until my promotion to director in 2001. The Program works to provide services for students that foster their success in completing their undergraduate degrees, rising to the next level of graduate education, and the pursuit of doctoral study. Prior to my tenure with McNair, I had the privilege of recruiting students for the university.

Because of this time, I have great respect for what it means to find qualified students with great potential for success. Working with the McNair Scholars Program offers similar challenges to that of university recruitment. Despite these challenges, my fondness for the McNair Scholars Program grows more with each passing year as I watch and actively participate in the matriculation of the students who are served. Students who are first-generation, with limited income or from an underrepresented populations need that extra push and encouragement to help them realize their full potential and ability. It is with great pride that I hold this position as director of the McNair Scholars Program and continue in the efforts of producing potential faculty to change the face of academia.

LaWanda Holt-Fields